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  1. Why would he quit? He's behaving in exactly the way most people would have predicted. In fact he's been pretty much entirely predictable. I've no idea why he was voted in but it wouldn't be because of his giant moral compass. The only way he gets to go is if he gets stiffed by his own party - they're famous for it. Even the so-called legendary leader Thatcher ended up being the shown the door by those closest to her. As for what difference would it make if he quit I would guess not much. The damage he's done to the reputation of our political institutions is just a more extreme vers
  2. You took the words right out of my mouth
  3. Not sure how to insert properly but thought this article was worth adding here https://www.in-common.co.uk/2022/01/19/5763/
  4. Webster is a family friend, who grew up north of Romsey. A brilliant lad who I would love to see do a Tino and join us next season.
  5. Interesting debate going on about centre halves this morning so thought I'd join in. I actually think we are pretty well stocked in this position so don't think we need to buy unless there is a real bargain to be had or gem to be unearthed. I prefer our CB options compared to most of the teams around us (and even prefer ours to West Ham's and Spurs). What I particularly like is there are 4 who can all be relied on to take the shirt and they all bring something a little different. Those wanting us to ship out Bednarek and 'upgrade' I just don't see that working or being a good idea
  6. Rishi is a good old Southampton lad but he's still a tory. No idea on what version of tory he is so could end up being very close to Starmer on the political spectrum.
  7. It will depend on two things. When did the pin-head dance take place and who was invited. If it was early in pandemic then only one angel per pin head and only for an hour a day. Later 6 were allowed on the pinhead providing they could stay 2mm apart. And possibly only outdoors. etc etc etc If the dance took place in a government building then there would be no limit to the number of wine-drinking, cheese-eating fairies allowed, and in any case, that would clearly be a work event and not a dance party.
  8. This is how they tidy up mess at the palace. BBC News The Duke of York's military titles and royal patronages have been returned to the Queen, Buckingham Palace has announced. Prince Andrew will also stop using the style His Royal Highness in an official capacity, a royal source added. The duke's roles will be distributed among members of the Royal Family. It comes as he faces a civil case in the US over claims he sexually assaulted a woman when she was 17, which he has consistently denied. A judge ruled on Wednesday that the case brought by Virginia Giuffre could continue, a
  9. Brentford lost because we scored 3 more goals than them. Brentford lost because we outplayed them. Brentford lost because we outfought them. Brentford lost because we outthought them. They didn't lose because of their errors. It was very fluid. I thought we were most often 532 when without the ball and 442 or 352 with the ball. The midfield 3 were very mobile and interchangeable. Our centre halves took many of the throw-ins. As for this week, I can see us playing three at the back again, KWP in for Tella or Redmond and that might be the only change.
  10. Hadn't realised he was that old. Still plenty of scope for development though. As I've said elsewhere (and my name suggests) I've always had a bit of a focus on our left backs. I think Perraud could turn out to be a good one but like you I'm often wrong. I agree about the 'top quality' bit - he's no Bridge, Bale for Shaw - but I don't think we need or could afford 'top quality' in every position at the same time. I'll be happy if him and Small fight for LB and Tino and KWP slug it out for RB. And I must say it's nice to be able to debate this point with you @Chezwithout having to cal
  11. As well as being not very good, Fernandez must be the shortest keeper I've seen for a while. Someone near me looked up his height during the game and said it was 6ft 1in, which brought a chorus of 'liar, liar,' when he next had the ball followed by shouts about him wearing platforms or standing on a step when the measurement was taken.
  12. Was going to do my own write up but it would have been 90% this. Only things I would have added were... I really like Perraud. His end product needs a bit of work but he is a proper left back and last night looked a proper wing back. Given he played 120 minutes on Saturday he showed JWP levels of energy last night. His defensive play was decent and he was a constant threat. He's only young (22?) so will develop as a player. I think he will be a great asset for us. Was talking about Forster on the way out. He does seem to emanate calm but we're not sure why. He is statue
  13. I've a strong memory of the 8-2 win. It was a very sunny day and I was in the East stand lower Milton end so was dazzled by the sun as well as the football. if memory serves both Moran and Danny Wallace got hat-tricks. I was West stand lower Archers end (my normal bench seat) for the 5-5. An absolutely bonkers game, I came away thoroughly confused about how to feel about it.
  14. Not just LFT. Southampton General now does saliva testing. St Thomas' in London runs PCRs.
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