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  1. That was a wonderful watch, thanks for sharing. I'd not seen Paine play before - lpve the hip swerving run and he seemed to have great awareness for a pass too. Also, notable pass from Puskas to setup Law - was not something I ever expected to see! Lastly, that run from Charlton at the end. Reminded me of Gazza or Gullit - total control of the ball running with back straight and always looking up. Different class.
  2. It's just my opinion. I'm sure you have yours. Livramento is the most exciting right back I've seen for saints. I like players that put a smile on my face and get me on my feet. Jason Dodd, Clyne and KWP never did that (aside from Dodd performance against Liverpool in 4-1 win at the dell. That had me laughing all week! ) In honesty, I'm aware tino being my best ever right back after 8 games is stupid. But I'm OK with that - I'm investing in potential;) Tino reminds me of Bale in truth. Bale was the most exciting left back. We have been blessed with some crackers though for
  3. Mmm Golac is a good shout but I never saw him. I did see Mark Wright maybe once but he broke his leg and transferred to Derby the season I started going to every match - otherwise I'm sure he would have been in my team as he looked good on the tele.
  4. I made a list of my best saints 11, based on players I actually saw with my own eyes. Hopefully that explains why Allan Ball and Mick Channon aren't in my team and also maybe why Tino Livramento is there - my other choices were Jason Dodd or Nathan Clyne...) Be interested to see your best 11 - it's a good way of telling how old you are 1. Anti Niemi 2. Tino Livramento 3. Gareth Bale 4. Jimmy Case 5. Virgil Van Dijk 6. Toby Alderweireld 7. Matt Le Tissier 8. Morgan Schneiderlin 9. Allan Shearer 10. Theo Walcott (2005/06)
  5. 1. Mo 2. Ely 3. Theo 4. Reddy (But I would change the formation as I don't want any of them starting)
  6. My point is - how can the club charge 12 pounds per match if the car park costs less than 5 pounds? Is that really club that does that? Or are they bring ripped off by the hospital? Something is not right.
  7. I usually park at RSH and it costs less than a fiver per match. Its annoying because you have to walk into the building to pay but ok. This season we can pay £240 - £12 per match for a car parking season ticket from the club. Why should it cost more than twice as much to buy parking from the club in advance? Am I missing something that might justify this?
  8. In the past I've used http://www.usagoals.com with mixed results. I usually get to watch the game but also get a bunch of trojan viruses for good measure. Does anyone have any other fairly dependable streams that don't require money or VPN?
  9. Good point. I dont imagine they would enforce ID checks that include proof of residency. They would have to notify that intention as not many people would be able to prove that on demand.
  10. Is it correct that Saints will not be selling tickets for the Swansea game? If so, I guess we just buy tickets and sit with the Swansea fans, given that they are on general sale.
  11. Betting companies wouldnt pay 7 million a season to sponsor a shirt if it didn't encourage new customers. So if we can agree on that, we just need to agree that gambling is something that some people do compulsively. Then join the dots.
  12. Depression....? Anxiety...? Suicide....that one seems pretty bad for your health?
  13. This is what I cant find the answer too either. 'Biggest deal ever'sounds good but what is the detail? Also its suggested this strengthens our ability to buy....but why does it? That might sound silly question but if we are committed to balancing the books ans just recently took a 75 million loan...we are still 50ish million in debt...so we still need to sell before we can buy? Or I'm wrong...happy to be wrong just want to know the reality, not the flashy strapline.
  14. I like 4-2-2-2 but if we need a plan B then this 4-2-3-1 is what I would suggest. I like Armstrong as a man, but Valery delivery, ability to beat a player and cover for KWP overlapping means I would like to see him play on the right. Diallo clearly has some skills but isn't as tough as Romeo so I'd like to see him play as a 10. The weak area is on the left Bertrand is no longer good enough going forward (highlighted by much of our good play coming from the right via KWP) and we are struggling for a conistent left side number 10 (which further hinders Bertrand ability to get forward safe
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