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  1. Oscar Gobern at Preston immediately springs to mind for me.
  2. Hmmm, a friend of mine had just been denied a ticket for not having 7 aways so something not stacking up there.
  3. I really like the look of Dan N'Lundulu. Very strong, great shot, quick feet for a big player. He had to make his own chances though as others around him were not doing so. Some of the other Saints players looked ok in patches but, to echo a comment above I thought Klarer and O'Driscoll were not great. I have nothing really to base this comment on but Klarer looks like he thinks he is much better than he is ! However, they are all very young and I wouldn't write any of them off. FGR is also by far the friendliest ground I have ever visited in 44 years of watching Saints !
  4. Wish I had seen this earlier. At least it's all downhill after the match!
  5. Beer was definitely available inside the ground but despite having several it didn't seem to have much effect. Subsequently discovered that it was about 2% strength !
  6. I joined the Saints Ultras FB Group this evening not because I wanted to be an "Ultra" , whatever that means, but just to see how the concept developed (I am 58 and retired!). I really wish I hadn't bothered. As someone above mentioned it seems to be populated by 14 year olds. I tried to explain that yes there was such a thing as a Saints Away Season Ticket (I have one) but they are refusing to believe me. I think I wiill quietly slip away especially as I might get accued of grooming at some point !
  7. Only immediately depressing thing for me is that I am exactly twice the age of a Saints Assistant Manager !
  8. You can still get odds of around 1/10 on Betfair Exchange if you are feeling confident !
  9. For those asking why the club do not offer an Away Season Ticket ....... they do........I have had one for around 15 years. Suggest you contact the ticket office for details. Its all done very efficiently and you can miss 4 games a season which you must indicate before beginning of season. HTH
  10. That's "interesting" ! Thanks for this. The OED also indicates that both are used more interchangeably than I thought : "Nowhere are the battle lines more deeply drawn in usage questions than over the difference between disinterested and uninterested. According to traditional guidelines, disinterested should never be used to mean ‘not interested’ (i.e. it is not a synonym for uninterested) but only to mean ‘impartial’, as in the judgements of disinterested outsiders are likely to be more useful. Ironically, the earliest recorded sense of disinterested is for the disputed sense. Today, the ‘incorrect’ use of disinterested is widespread: around a quarter of citations in the Oxford English Corpus for disinterested are for this sense". I would take it up with my English teacher but I suspect he's probably no longer with us. Anyway, Mark Hughes now odds on with Betfair.
  11. I thought the Telegraph was supposed to be a quality paper. I think they probably mean "uninterested".
  12. I was 15 then and surrounded by a group of ManUre fans who beat me over the head with their flagsticks and said they wouldn't stop until I sang "I'd rather be a Devil than a Saint". I refused and ran away. I was a fairly good runner in those days so they never caught me !
  13. We sit right behind the dug-outs and a very common remark is that the players seem to take zero notice of anything MP says during the game !
  14. Responsible for one of my best ever moments as a Saints fan. A cracking player but never quite reached previous heights after his back problems. I would be happy to contribute to any fund raising initiatives.
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