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  1. As someone who voted Conservative at every election from 2002 until the last two (European and GE in 2019 - and then voted Lib Dems as I wasn't voting for Corbyn's Labour policies) I believe the best thing for the country right now would be a strong, centrist opposition with a charismatic leader and clear policies. We currently have a weak sort of centrist opposition who have been unable to form any sort of policy, led by someone who is just a bit 'meh'. He should have the balls to tell the Momentum, Corbynistas to fuck off with their Sixth Form Policy debates (£15 per hour minimum wage;
  2. Went along with my 9 year old daughter yesterday (we live in Gloucester, so it was only 20 mins up the road). Really impressed by the quality of play by Saints. Cheltenham were very direct and caught Saints out on the break. Poor positioning from the GK for the first goal and partially at fault for the second too. The number 8 (Williams) for Saints was outstanding and controlled the game. Didn't create a huge amount in the first half but dominated, second half was one way traffic apart from the freekick and consolation goal at the end. Could have been another 3 or 4 for Saints to b
  3. Difficult to judge as it’s age group but that is an impressive performance
  4. It highlights even more than ever the importance of a good academy system too.
  5. Covid isn't a Flu virus. That is a basic fact. They are similar in some of their symptoms and that they are respiratory illnesses, but they are genetically different. The reason why Flu deaths have virtually disappeared is because the majority of people in the UK were either in some sort of lockdown, while a large proportion of the vulnerable people who would normally have died from flu (ie, elderly, people with severe underlying conditions etc) either had already died from COVID or were isolating/shielding. Yes, more people have died and will die from smoking related illnesses; or
  6. 3rd shirt arrived today as a Birthday present. Bloody fantastic - best kit (IMHO) we have ever had, with the possible exception of the 2010 Sash with no sponsor. Like the look of the training kit too - might get some around Xmas when they discount some of it.
  7. I remember going to watch England play Belarus at Wembley in a 2010 World Cup qualifier. The fat moron in front of me started to boo the Belarussian anthem and was in no uncertain terms told by a number of people around him to shut up. Now of course, he could have had legitimate concerns about the ongoing human rights abuses by their President and the general aura of repression in Belarus - but on balance I think he was just a knuckle dragging moron.
  8. Oh my....that is spectacular!
  9. I agree. Or at least make them available to buy when you announce the kit! One thing I would say is that it is amazing to think that £55 for a football shirt is seen as 'good value' these days too!
  10. edprice1984

    20/21 Kit

    Calling it now - I reckon the third (Black kit) is going to be the 'Denmark style' one. If it is, I just hope that the awful sponsor plays along and goes black too.* *We all know they won't
  11. edprice1984

    20/21 Kit

    Really like it. Mirrors the shirt we got to Cardiff Cup Final in, lots of really nice touches and with a 76 inspired Yellow shirt on the way this may end up being a rare season where I buy two shirts.
  12. Hmmmm. It does appear that they may not be on as secure a financial footing as some would have had us believe. Basically up a certain creek without a paddle. You have to think someone in the Championship is going to come in for Ronan Curtis (I know he's shit, but he's still better than a lot of the crap out there). Other than that I suppose Marquis would be a decent signing for a mid table Championship side. With the teams in League One next season I can see them being mid-table at best.
  13. Went to school with him. He played one game and then went off to Mansfield. Similar age to Michael Owen and was part of England Schoolboys at the same time. Lived down the road from me and known as a bit of a knob locally. Not really a surprise.
  14. I really like our crest/badge. There is nothing else like it out there and it is very distinctive. Most of the concept designs basically incorporate bits of the current badge but overall the result is quite poor. Leave alone and concentrate on the stuff on the pitch.
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