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  1. I agree. Or at least make them available to buy when you announce the kit! One thing I would say is that it is amazing to think that £55 for a football shirt is seen as 'good value' these days too!
  2. edprice1984

    20/21 Kit

    Calling it now - I reckon the third (Black kit) is going to be the 'Denmark style' one. If it is, I just hope that the awful sponsor plays along and goes black too.* *We all know they won't
  3. edprice1984

    20/21 Kit

    Really like it. Mirrors the shirt we got to Cardiff Cup Final in, lots of really nice touches and with a 76 inspired Yellow shirt on the way this may end up being a rare season where I buy two shirts.
  4. Hmmmm. It does appear that they may not be on as secure a financial footing as some would have had us believe. Basically up a certain creek without a paddle. You have to think someone in the Championship is going to come in for Ronan Curtis (I know he's shit, but he's still better than a lot of the crap out there). Other than that I suppose Marquis would be a decent signing for a mid table Championship side. With the teams in League One next season I can see them being mid-table at best.
  5. Went to school with him. He played one game and then went off to Mansfield. Similar age to Michael Owen and was part of England Schoolboys at the same time. Lived down the road from me and known as a bit of a knob locally. Not really a surprise.
  6. I really like our crest/badge. There is nothing else like it out there and it is very distinctive. Most of the concept designs basically incorporate bits of the current badge but overall the result is quite poor. Leave alone and concentrate on the stuff on the pitch.
  7. Look closely at the picture on twitter and its clearly been photoshopped. However if it is similar to this I would be happy. Looks like the 1989 kit.
  8. Fan engagement is always going to be higher with smaller clubs - they have fewer fans and can target their messages to a smaller more devoted audience. It is a pointless survey.
  9. Apologies if this has already been mentioned... https://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/southampton-chasing-west-bromwich-albion-5375482 Done very well at Cheltenham who have got form in getting good young English GK's on loan over the years.
  10. Apologies for the rambling thoughts below. Just a few initial ideas on how Governments and FA's can meaningfully target the clubs concerned: The only way to really target the ESL and the owners is through monetary means and targeting the players. Bans from Internationals and all other domestic competitions. Windfall taxes, extra Image Rights taxation or additional rate taxation on all salaries earned (not just over the current threshold) when playing for these clubs. The current Broadcasters to sue and reclaim revenues from the clubs - Governments could even freeze assets if they wa
  11. Although their form and position in the table probably would have been just cause, apparently the reason (A WEEK BEFORE A CUP FINAL!!) was that he refused to take the players out to train in protest at the proposed ESL. Mourinho for all his dickish behaviour over the years I think is a decent bloke at heart and understands what football is and who it is really for. Fair play for sticking with his principles.
  12. Keita is too big a name and has too big a reputation for Saints. Not even worth talking about that as a possibility. Rico Henry would be an excellent signing and I actually would prefer him over Brandon Williams. (If we could get both though, WOW!) Not sure what the finances of the Turkish clubs is like currently, but Lemina seemed to enjoy his time at Galatasaray and I do think they valued him - maybe a route for him at the end of the season? Hoedt - god knows, I think Lazio are unlikely to try and sign him on a permanent deal. Balogun in, with Long and Obafemi going - provided
  13. Two year deal would make perfect sense. It does appear he is willing to take a wage cut and unlikely to block any kids coming through. Offers an option out wide and through the middle.
  14. Agreed. Not being able to go on a foreign holiday is probably not going to be the straw that breaks the camels back; mainly because of the total sh*tshow that is the European vaccine rollout. The big challenge will be when, all being well, we are out of all restrictions after June and cases start to rise or we get to November/December and there is the standard pressure due to Flu season etc. If the Government start locking down again or imposing restrictions I think that will be a game changer. The only legitimate reason for doing any of that is if we had some super-mutation that starts
  15. The 'breaking point' is difficult to assess. If there is any sense that we are heading back into a stricter lockdown, I think people will quite rightly question why and for what reasons. The new variants are obviously a worry and a danger but evolutionary pressure on viruses means they tend to become more benign although possibly more infectious. I think this year foreign travel is to the standard European destinations may be difficult but for those who planning on going further afield, they may be in luck.
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