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  1. Haha. They do have some weird ideas but to their credit they are a well run club too. Should be moving into a new ground (the all wooden stadium) in a few years time too. Hummel seem to have gone through a big change over the past few years and are expanding quite a lot.
  2. Fair warning... https://www.footyheadlines.com/2018/08/forest-green-rovers-cancel-hummel-deal.html FGR are my local side and this was an absolute horror show; the club couldn't even play in their home kit let alone sell it! I am not aware of any issues at Everton, so hopefully they have ironed out the previous issues.
  3. The FA are stretching the sentence ' A decision will be made in the early part of next week' to its absolute limit now! A total farce, the result should be a walkover for Saints.
  4. I have said since the 125 year Sash shirt that the club should look to retain this going forward. The advantage the club has now is that it has 40 years of different styles and options to use when designing kit. Some good, some bad. I judge each kit on its individual merit. If I don’t like it, I don’t buy it. You will always struggle to please everyone.
  5. Considering the squad at our disposal, the job that Ralph, the coaching staff and the S&C team have done is remarkable. Obviously the players have really bought in to the philosophy too and you can certainly see that the new signings are adding too. If we can be around the Champions League places in March, I may start to believe
  6. edprice1984

    20/21 Kit

    My new (un-Under Armoured) shirt arrived yesterday
  7. Not really got going yet. Giving away silly free kicks and also giving the ball away too much
  8. edprice1984

    20/21 Kit

    I got an email earlier this week stating that my replacement shirt was ready for dispatch - helpfully they included a tracking reference that doesn't work or has no link to who is delivering (I think it's Royal Mail - but I can't be sure). Anyone else get a similar email?
  9. As soon as the States validate the election results, the Republicans will move against Trump. They are playing along (for the moment) because they don't want to alienate his base. Oh and the Military will take orders from Biden as he will be inaugurated on 20th January, regardless if Donny is still throwing his temper tantrum. Trump will then be escorted from the building by Secret Service agents.
  10. He was on borrowed time for his handling of the recent Project Big Picture nonsense. The use of the word 'coloured' is at best clumsy, at worst offensive. His description on gay players making a 'life choice' is ridiculous and incredibly stupid too. The fact that he then went on to compound these statements with lazy stereotypes about Girls/Womens football and South Asians in the IT department is almost laughable. My experience of those in charge of my local FA is that it is almost entirely ran by old white men, who haven't got a clue about modern football. The total lack of invest
  11. No problem with a woman being attractive and rich, but I will be honest and say that I would prefer my own 8 year old daughter to find a role model who has gained fame and success through more academic, political or sporting means.
  12. The latest from Kim Kardashian is somehow her long dead father turned up via hologram (a little like Superman and Marlon Brando) to have a chat and give a birthday message. While also praising his most genius Son-in-law (who evidently paid for it) Kanye West. Tone deaf, I don’t think quite covers it
  13. Oh and for all of Biden's shortcomings - he is clearly not senile or suffering from dementia. I actually think that those kinds of attacks are pretty reprehensible from the Republicans. There is plenty to criticise about Biden, he is a little like Theresa May in that I don't really see any personal conviction or a strong political belief system. That isn't necessarily a bad thing by the way; but if you are aiming to be President, I do believe you should have some keystone political ambitions that you want to enact - Trump at least wanted to do stuff (I think all of it is either stupid, po
  14. Biden will win with a comfortable Electoral College majority. I would predict he will win Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin and possibly Georgia (depending on turnout). As I said previously, keep an eye out for Florida on the night - if it goes to Biden then that's the whole shooting match (although it's important to recognise that the networks won't declare the final result of the whole election). Something else which I hadn't really thought of until this morning was if the Dems win the senate, then DC and Puerto Rico will probably be granted Statehood. Meaning four more VE
  15. Anyone else keeping an eye on the u18 Saints v Leicester game...😇
  16. The problem for Trump is that economic prosperity is difficult to gauge this year as COVID and the administrations handling of it are the main concern for most voters. There are certainly some aspects of the last 4 years that have been positive, but because Trump and his team are so chaotic, even the good news ends up getting drowned out. He may point to a adversarial news media etc, but if had any sort of consistency of message it might cut through. Even last night, while Biden was avoiding the question on 'Court packing'; Trump lied about Masks and their effectiveness, failed to condemn
  17. I am aware of the 'emails'. It appears that they may be heavily edited, of no consequence or actually just fake. If this was the big scandal that Trump was hoping for then Donald is toast. It has been pretty easy for the Dems and Biden's campaign to prove that Joe Biden didn't meet anyone connected to the Ukraine Burisma thing. Most surprising of all is that the Trump campaign seem to have forgotten which Biden is running for President. Keep an eye on the result from Florida on election night. Because they count the votes as they go (rather than wait), we will probably have an actual res
  18. The biggest plus for Trump in 2016 was his unpredictability - it seemed to throw Clinton and her team off; they were fire-fighting and trying to confront every issue. Biden and his team have learned to let him dig his own hole. My biggest fear is that Biden has an absolute shocker of a 2nd debate. Although it is rare for them to have any real effect on the outcome of an election, if Biden has or appears to have a 'Senior moment' it could be enough to tighten the polls in some of those swing states. Then it becomes an issue where Trump and his supporters will be likely leading on Election
  19. Once again the key is to not look at the big shouty stuff, but at the finer minutiae - in the most recent polls (even the ones he normally likes - Rasmussen) he is behind Biden Nationally by between 8-10 points. In the Battleground states he is losing in 12 of the 14, but most worrying for him is that he and Biden are basically tied with Non college educated White men. Trump is now in last chance territory - he basically needs a massive scandal to hit Biden/Harris (I can't see how we wouldn't know about it by now); a massive win - I am not sure what that would look like, other than
  20. In that event the Constitution is clear - VP Pence would become President. However Pence would not necessarily be the automatic choice to contest the election. (I mean he would, because in terms of the time available to the GoP to arrange an alternative Primary is impossibly small). Funnily enough I was trying to see what would happen if Biden snuffed it before the election. Again, Harris would almost certainly simply take his place, but again there is no Constitutional requirement or precedent in relation to the ballot
  21. The electoral maths for Trump gets harder by the day. He is trailing in 11 of the 14 battleground/swing states; tied in one (Iowa - which Trump won by 9.5% in 2016) and only leading in Texas (!) by 3.2% - A State he won in 2016 by nearly 10%. If Biden wins Pennsylvania or Florida (he is currently leading in the polls in both) he only needs to pick up one or two of the likes of Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin etc. in all cases Biden is a fair margin ahead at the stage of the contest. Trump needs Biden to absolutely crash and burn in the next two debates (and I mean have some sort of episode o
  22. Well after yesterday, I can't decide if it will be paying off a porn star and Playboy model and breaking campaign finance law or Collusion with a foreign power (Russia) to alter the democratic process of the election or obstruction of justice that will bring an end to Trump's presidency. My guess at the moment will be the obstruction of justice, caused by the campaign finance violation. Everyone else will go down for Russia.
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