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  1. lettuce

    20/21 Kit

    Yeah, that's the one! I reckon it could look decent given a modern-day update. At least it's stripes with a bit of "innovation" that some on here crave. Still got both home and away kits of that original PONY design but they're looking a bit battle-scarred these days. Fortunately, those 90's designs were generously proportioned so have accommodated a bit of lockdown spread. A modern-day refresh or adding them to the retro shirt range would be welcome. Perhaps such an "iconic" design might inspire some MLT-levels of genius from our current squad (not holding my breath)
  2. lettuce

    20/21 Kit

    Nice kit, an improvement on recent years. I'm probably in the minority but I'd love to see a kit that resembles the classic PONY kit of the early 90's. Hummel could do something along similar lines, but replace the PONY "tick" that was across the chest with the Hummel "chevron".
  3. Bit of a long shot but are we the first top-flight team to occupy every league position from 1st down to 17th in a single season? Feels like that should be some sort of record.
  4. You could also be describing another mercurial Saints talisman with that description, although MLT used to keep his socks pulled up!
  5. This reminds me of my old primary school football team. We were dreadful and got hammered every match. The headmaster used to read out the results to the whole school in assembly the following morning. One time he said "The boys football team lost 6-2 yesterday... but it was 5-0 at half time so at least they won the second half!" 🤣😭
  6. Tim Flowers has just left an ill-fated three month stint in charge of Barnet, rooted second-bottom of the National League ("Conference" as it was known) only by virtue of bottom club Dover having refused to play any league games for months... he's probably near the top of Saints' candidates list.
  7. We really need to beat someone 10-0 to set a new record and then everyone will forget about the 9-0's
  8. Last night was a "perfect storm"... a threadbare squad of fit players (2 keepers on the bench!) playing away at Man United (joint league leaders, in excellent form), a young debutant getting sent off inside 2 minutes and a set of match officials intent on giving pretty much every decision against Saints (not even just the marginal decisions). Which manager would you prefer to have at Saints, a manager who suffered two 9-0 defeats or a manager who took us to the top of the table for the first time in the Premier League era?
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