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  1. Red

    Site issues

    Site problems is one thing - very poor as it may be, but for the owner (Steve) to not have given an update for about 2 weeks is even worse. Has he also given up?
  2. Nathan Dyer accused of stealing mobile phones and cash.
  3. Is that the poster on the other thread well before you?
  4. Maybe, but he was brilliant! What a player - bit daft though - "Charlie, Charlie give us a wave" and "One man went to mow, went to mow a meadow"
  5. Behave - you're not supposed to have those on here 🙂 I'd still settle for 10M for Bed - even though it's not my money or call!
  6. Again - not a pop but I would be stunned if we got 40M for Bed - really would!
  7. Red

    Michael Obafemi

    Not having a go - it's all about opinions at the end of the day after all, but I can't see how MO is worth anywhere near 20M? I would take 10M for him and 8M for Reed, and if Bednerak can be shifted for 10M, then get Hinterlagger (or whatever his name is) and I think we would be sorted. MO will not be a regular in our team anytime soon (not less than 3 years at minimum). A decent box to box MF would be cherry on top, but none of the one's mentioned so far, and I think we would be priced out of a decent upcoming one. Would take a punt on Ramsey on a pay per play deal (yea get he's not our profile and all that, but for a year or two he would be good and might coach WS etc.)
  8. Yep - you're right! Just my senility catching up with me. Remember buying a ton of then as an excuse to ask the girl in the news shop out - finally plucked the courage and all went well for a year or so until I moved to Uni and she dumped me for a local lad - no such thing as loyalty even in those days 🙂
  9. Fair point and get we didn't have much choice, but my point was PEH (any remember the pop up sweets?) is not the die hard loyal Saints player some are claiming him to be. He did what was in his interest (as you say end of) - might have been more subtle than others but still manipulated Saints to his own end. I don't dislike him but he is no hero to Saints - that's all. Club feel disappointed by his attitude as well - hence the merest mention in the KWP announcement. Still that's the modern world of football I guess?.
  10. What being rude got to do with the price of fish? This is a forum for opinions - if you don't like mine just ignore it! However don't be ignorant enough to think everyone has to think like you. Appreciate it's not your money so you probably don't give a hoot, but I do not want the club I support being taken advantage of (neither does the club BTW - and yes I know for a fact - again believe or not I don't really care!)
  11. Agree. But why don't we tell Levy to do one! Either accept this as the final offer with 48 hours or crawl back under your rock. He's not a great business man - just a north London barrow boy - stump up on what a cracking deal for them or leave the game. He could end up messing up our entire transfer plans with his games. Tel Hoi - get Spurs to show they really want you, or accept the Everton (or indeed one of the alleged Euro offers) or spend the next year in the under 23's side - yes I realise we would lose him on a free but you need to make a stand or every other player will employ the same tactic. I can see us agreeing to 15m or less on the final day and no time to get alternatives otherwise (how long will Weston wait for us?). Show some balls Saints - otherwise utterly pointless in stripping him of the captaincy and leaving him out of the team etc.
  12. And how many people on here were dishing out for us loaning him with an obligation to buy at £20M? Hindsight - if you could only market it 🙂
  13. Yep - do like him. Just wondering though, is he that good or have we just had really poor RB's that an average one now looks great? One eyed man in the land of the blind and all that! Would any of the other rumoured targets be better? Wouldn't pay more than 10M for him though - him plus 25M for PEH would be a great deal.
  14. Not that it particularly matters now, but I had two very bad experiences when we played Leeds in the 1979 FA cup semis - both legs, but the home game mainly. I was basically set upon and beaten to within an inch of my life, and only that a Leeds supporting couple dispersed their thugs that I got emergency attendance - was in hospital for a couple of weeks, and even now have the odd brain freeze. Obviously a minority of the scum fans don't represent the club, but still it's now ingrained in my association with the club. No apology from the club or plod (who tried to blame me for the incident) - fractured scull and jumped on from behind, with several witnesses and yet it's my fault??? Despite all this, I wish them well (as long as they finish below us) and hope they have evolved to respectability?
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