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  1. Really? I am not so sure, he is what 29 and probably close to 30 by the time he leaves. Who is going to pay 30M+ in the current crisis. All clubs are struggling with income including the top 6. Spurs are the only one that come to mid, but Levy will not pay anywhere near what we will look for and is being backup for Kane a move up? Will he be any better off outside the top 6 than he is here? Very much doubt it. Think it's just agent trying to get the most money. If not and he wants to leave than fine, we will have to replace him sooner or later (max 3 years) in any case.
  2. We are better than we were last year/years and a gradual improvement, so that's a positive. I think anyone who thought we were the finished article or havens forbid champions material now know we are some way off that. Our starting 11 is fairly decent - can it be improved, sure but with our spending power it will be tough. Beyond that we are average at best. Ralph is a great manager but blind sighted in some aspects - plan B for counteracting "park the bus" teams, too slow to bring on subs at times, and for someone who is famed for blooding new/youth players he's been very hesitant - ok,
  3. Is Tella still on the pitch? I know he's not getting any service but still has he had a touch?
  4. Exactly right. Just like watching Netflix on Sky - you need to have Netflix (or in this case Prime) subscription to set up the app on Sky the first time you watch it. My problem is I cannot get it outside the UK - even with VPN. I can get iPlayer via VPN but obviously Amazon are smarter. Bummer really as I don't mind paying
  5. Anyone know if you can watch matches outside the UK on Prime? I have Prime and can watch movies etc. but never managed to find the live games - maybe it's lack of my tech savvy skills?
  6. Showing you true colours with a first post - how strange! It should have been equality/fairness for all rather than an unfortunate slogan associated with a political organisation. Still two wrongs don't make a right.
  7. I take it you never get anything wrong in life? I did say not a 100%
  8. How did we lose against Palace - they are utter crap! Burnley not much better.
  9. Ings and Bertie will sign - just a matter of time. Bed will go I think - not 100% but not looking too good. Not sure he will be missed if we get a decent amount and Sally Sue works out.
  10. Red

    Obafemi or Adams?

    Alternatively it could be the "kick up the back side" he needs - shape up or ship out! RH probably tried telling him this in private to no avail, so final chance saloon in the public - also lets fans know he gave him more than a chance. Massive FU by Obi if he blows this chance - has the ability, but not the work rate/attitude - just the same for the Irish team. Hope he learns and comes good but plenty have gone the other way.
  11. Total BS. No way we would go for him on a free let alone at €25M
  12. No worries. I think unless there's a Markus mark 2, we need to be careful who we sell to - not that it's in our power of course!
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