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  1. Don't care if it was rubbish, away win at Burnley, what's not to like? Pretty comfortable too. Vest and Rom decent. Get a couple in and push on from here.
  2. Classy. Hope he does well (but not against us obviously).
  3. Shame, in great form for Fulham and looked like he could be the (free) replacement for PEH. Good luck to him.
  4. Pretty standard, Redders regularly gets praise from other fans, journos, other managers, pundits and thankfully most of our fans. As always though get some that seem to have a go even when it's clear he's played well, they don't like him and seemingly never will. I don't think anyone on here thinks he's perfect, sure end product could be better sometimes. But imo his class is clear and he's enjoyed consistently good performances for 2 seasons now. Always one of the first on the team sheet for me.
  5. Agree, admitted previously hadn’t really been following him, but watched the last few games and he’s been excellent. Amazing engine, absolutely everywhere, so many crucial tackles, can also pick a pass (not always sideways or backwards either!). You’d think he’d be Ralph’s sort of player. Appreciate he wasn’t deemed good enough before, but players improve and he clearly has, stands out in a decent Chapionship team and don’t see why he couldn’t do it in the Prem now. Think he’s 26(?) so just about to peak. With Hoj seemingly off we desperately need a replacement, seems like a no brainier to me.
  6. So what are you saying, the “masses” think Redmond is decent, but they are wrong because they are stupid. However the minority, who I assume are not stupid, which includes you, think he’s terrible? Sorry if my my small stupid brain is failing to keep up.
  7. Always liked Chris Sutton - “Southampton are a threat for anybody. They are a superbly capable outfit.”
  8. This and the Skates losing in the play-offs, what a brilliant 24 hours.
  9. Wow. So satisfying to see the whole team so committed, looked like their lives depended on keeping City out. Rode our luck at times, but thoroughly deserved it. Obviously pleased for Che and great to see how happy everyone was that he scored. Hopefully the confidence boost he needs. MOTM for me was Stephens though, read his Guardian article this morning and had a feeling he’d play a blinder. Showing his true potential now, let’s hope he keeps it up, just needs consistency and hopefully he’ll get more support when us fans return. (Though we seem to do much better when I’m not there so may stay away!).
  10. Can’t say I’ve been following his progress closely, but seems to be playing well and looks like he’s improved. If Ralph and co think he’s improved enough to do a job for us, I’d gladly have him back.
  11. Well that was a pleasant surprise. Excellent performance, looked sharp, played some good stuff. Valery looked nervous early on, otherwise all played well. Must be the lucky new forum!
  12. This for me. Enjoyed it too, as did my boys. Ok, so we weren't great before the sending off, but we were hardly getting played off the park. The sending off seemed to unite everyone with a sense of injustice, best atmosphere in ages. Great to see people in the Kingsland standing up singing and encouraging others to do the same. Think we all feared the worst after the red, maybe not a Leicester type capitulation, Newcastle aren't good enough, but a heavy loss nonetheless wouldn't have been a surprise. But they dug in really well and deserved a point. So yes, there have been a lot of dreadful home performances recently (ok, last few years) but this definitely wasn't one of them.
  13. Battling for a point at home with 11 men, yes, agree would be embarrassing. Playing most of the game with 10 players not so. Anyway, despite all this, cracking atmosphere today, found a song that gets most of the ground going. Noisier than the Geordies for a change.
  14. Oh when the Spurs go marching out...
  15. Horrible performance in horrible weather against a horrible team. That's twice I've got soaked this season watching us play like complete amateurs against those donkeys. I think like most on here we all knew it was trouble when Ralph decided to drop Bednarak, crazy to break up a CB pairing that's looked decent for change. Can't believe Ralph thinks he's good on the ball either, odd. Thought KWP did well, after getting over the initial shock of how tiny he is (how did we find someone smaller than Cedric?) thought he grew into the game after a nervy start, positional play looked good which is a step up on Valery. Stephens passed the ball well and made a couple of great runs. Assuming it wasn't his fault for the 2nd (couldn't really see but thought it was Vest that messed up) thought he did well. Boufal also having a great game until his injury, seemed a turning point, as after he went off we didn't seem to have any creativity. Why is it that just when I start to look upwards rather than downwards at the league table, we play like utter clowns?
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