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  1. Being an ex grumpy left-back myself, always had a lot of time for Berty. I for one will miss him, been a great servant and don't begrudge him going for one last big contract, good luck to him.
  2. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.hampshirelive.news/sport/football/football-news/southampton-fans-noticed-what-accringtons-5393147.amp Priceless.
  3. Thought we did ok, if we had a decent striker on the pitch could have got something. But all a bit meh now, roll on some summer signings and next season.
  4. Agree, decent first half. BUT can we turn up for the 2nd half for a change?
  5. Fantastic result in the end. Some fight and spirit, that's more like it. But red cards for winning tackles, penalties seemingly every time it goes near an arm, VAR pointless. The game is gone.
  6. Once again, would have liked to have seen Jankewitz given another chance. Don't mind Redmond starting, bit surprised no Salisu at LB.
  7. Perfect opportunity to play Jankewitz, Ralph obviously has no faith in him. Shame, would have liked to have seen what he can do.
  8. Well that was a much more entertaining half than I was expecting.
  9. But he was excellent in the last game, will be fresh, and is widely thought to be a confidence player, so would be crazy to drop him.
  10. Nice to be able to say Redmond MOTM. And obviously sweet to easily beat Boscombe at their place. Happy days.
  11. My nipper said Forster failed a fitness test, according to the interweb.
  12. Can only assume he wants Tella raring to go against Brighton. Agree about Forster, that's a strange one unless he doesn't want his confidence knocked! Like you would rather see Ramsay right back, and if fit give Jankewitz another go - he likes Manchester!
  13. Have we ever played 4 CBs before? 🙄
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