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  1. Just stats, but best of a bad bunch is probably about right. None of our defenders have good stats. https://www.whoscored.com/Teams/18/Show/England-Southampton
  2. Good article https://totalfootballanalysis.com/player-analysis/jan-bednarek-southampton-tactical-analysis-statistics
  3. Met him in the Rhino one night and he was a nice bloke. Not arrogant at all. As others have said, nothing special unfortunately as when we signed him along with Higginbotham at the end of the 2003 transfer window I thought they were both excellent signings with Prutton being a real prospect. As it turned out Higginbotham was the better player for us. Think Prutton was decent for Leeds for a while but apart from that he seemed to have an unremarkable career
  4. I really like Ralph. However, I am baffled that he didn't retain Gabbi even if in the long term he doesn't rate him. I cannot see how he wouldn't improve us right now over Austin or Long. I don't deny those two put the effort in, but they both come across as past it I'm afraid
  5. I'm going to lay my cards on the table and say I think we are done this year unless there is a total collapse in form by Cardiff. How we have got to this stage is basically negligence in the running of the club. With Obafemi now out for the season (Ralph's reaction at the time shows the significance), Lemina seemingly no where near a return, Ings unable to maintain fitness and Betrand having lost form/condition we are woefully short of any attacking threat to the point where our fit strikers are the worst in the division. In strikes me as incredible that we have got to a situation where we have players out on loan that could make a difference and no prospect of recalling them. Reed has done really well for Blackburn at right wing back and would at least be decent cover/competing to start. He is lively and aggressive and would suit Ralph's style. Boufal has been inconsistent, but has the ability to provide something different at least off the bench. I'm not at all sure Carillo isn't better than Long and Austin; Gabbi is surely better and appears to be showing it currently. You also can't really say Cedric wouldn't improve our squad as it stands. I know Ralph said he wanted a smaller squad, but given the injuries we have now that policy looks reckless as much as I like him. That policy may have been driven by the board's insistence on cost cutting, at least in part. The failings at board level that Ralph has had to work within the context of are well documented, but the sheer repetition of failure strikes of a fundamental failure of leadership as others have mentioned. For those that have watched "Sunderland 'till I Die", the parallels are there to behold. Disinterested, clueless owner, impotent chief exec, plagued by injuries and a failure to properly strengthen, seemingly disenfranchised/disinterested expensive players (speculatively), and a fairly decent, honest manager (Coleman). We may have slightly more quality than Cardiff (except up front?), but our problems run deeper.
  6. Also, Burnley are a horrible team and set out to deliberately intimidate and pressurise officials. Did you see the level of descent from Barnes after the pen they should have had towards the ref and even more so the linesman? Far, far worse than Zaha!
  7. Agree with this. The defence were pretty good and were under constant pressure after we scored. Just not enough going on in front of them as Long doesn’t hold the ball up and even when facing goal didn’t use his pace to run into the corners and relieve the pressure (as others have said). Seems chronically short of confidence. I want to like as he seems a really good lad and tries his heart out, but just isn’t quite at the right level.
  8. Looks to be a big miss for us over January (and potentially early February). From a brief look it seems like Japan will progress from their Asian Cup group. If they were to get knocked out in the last 16 Yoshida would be back for Palace on 30 Jan. If Japan get to the final he would not be back until the home game with Cardiff on 9 February, missing the seemingly very important Palace and Burnley fixtures in the process. Anyone know how highly Japan are rated in this year's competition? Given how well they did in the World Cup getting to the latter stages seems probably unfortunately.
  9. Great organisation and discipline. Yoshida MOM. Thought their "goal" was onside, but nice to get a decision for once.
  10. Saw from BBC text he went off injured. Anyone watching on Sky see if it was serious? Cheers
  11. Shame, love watching Boufal play. Whatever his behaviour was it's up to the manager if he wants to reintegrate him. Shouldn't be anything to do with the players. Chimes with The Times article that someone kindly posted about a split in the dressing room between the English and foreign players. If either or both of those articles are accurate we will probably be in for another difficult season, although perhaps our recent upturn in form is in part the result of Hughes establishing a detente? Is there any suggestion of who the protagonists are?
  12. The decision not to send Alonso off was terrible and cowardly. He had a clear view and was only a few feet away. You don't see JWP lose his cool much, which says it all. Did Hughes mention it?
  13. http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/transfers/southampton-transfer-news-quincy-promes-spartak-moscow-january-window-a8185081.html
  14. Really interesting post, thanks. I think it shows clearly that we need a player we can get the ball forward early to. Much as it would be nice to play a fast, forward-passing game like City we don't have the players to do it. Our lack of goals is basically attributable to (1) not moving the ball forwards enough and (2) moving th ball forwards too slowly. Conclusion: break the bank (and, I assume, the wage structure) for Giroud!
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