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  1. Chewy

    Romain Perraud

    Saintsweb at its best. We have a transfer thread for transfer rumors which is mostly people arguing about shit entirely unrelated to transfers. We get a rumour so start an extra thread because ... it’s a real rumour? And the thread descends into people arguing about unrelated shit. Again. And no prizes for guessing who’s in the middle of the pointless arguments once again.
  2. Maybe we could do a player plus cash deal. We need a left back and they’ve got a decent one
  3. The equations not quite as simple as I’m going to make it because one man doesn’t determine a clubs season alone, but if Ings’ goals next season keep us up, it’s worth far more money than we’ll get for him in a transfer fee this summer. Factor in wages but also fee and wages of a replacement who is unlikely to be anywhere near the same level ... I think the financial argument says keep him. He may have other ideas of course.
  4. ReasonS then. Reasons, not reason. Hate inaccuracy.
  5. Can we clone Armstrong? Need him centre mid and number 10
  6. Back 6 all pretty good, front 4 less so bar Tella.
  7. The refs have already sussed he’s one of the most prolific ‘exaggerators’ of injury in the league. It’s probably why there wasn’t a card to be honest. It was a card, he wasn’t hurt. Anyway, very bright start, Tella looking lively and confident, Armstrong playing well. Theo hasn’t suddenly grown a football brain.
  8. Please guys, this is one of the best threads on this site for useful, factual information, brilliantly kept up to date by the thread owner. There’s plenty of other threads to ruin with petty squabbles - please leave this one alone. It’s not a fair reflection on all the work put into this one.
  9. Very grateful for his service. Unfortunately won’t have time to make a cup of tea every time we have a throw in on the left now, but otherwise think it’s a good move for all concerned.
  10. Is he? Curious as to how you come to that conclusion? Wondering what metrics are at play, and what statistical analysis you’ve completed before expressing that view as fact?
  11. I’m liking this idea. in all seriousness an to agree with some of the points already made, Moss is far more culpable. A split second decision that’s wrong is not ideal but it happens. To not review with time to consider is simply ineptitude. And to have this volume of errors with the benefit of VAR is inexcusable. The rescinding confirms they are making bad decisions so there should be consequences. That there are none smacks of the level of arrogance that blinds them into confirming the bad decisions in the games in the first place. They need to root out this arrogance and quic
  12. Very sad news, thoughts with the family
  13. Chewy

    Sam McQueen

    Wish him the very best of luck. Believe he was academy lad of the year once, given for attitude more than football, so hope he’s able to put this in perspective and find an enjoyable alternative path.
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