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  1. Polite request- there are plenty of threads that descend into petty squabbling on this site, I’m guilty on occasion too. But please not this thread. It’s an excellent reference point and has seen outstanding work over a good few years now by OLAS. It really doesn’t do yourselves, the thread or OLAS credit to have that argument here.
  2. Yeah I did wonder about that definition. still, as far as I can work out the team of the season so far would be Mendy KWP Fofana Vesti Fuchs Armstrong JWP Romeu Grealish Ings Vardy 6 saints, 3 Leicester, 1 chelski and 1 villa.
  3. Ideally this, with the Neil Heaney step over party trick to go with it
  4. I actually agree with most of that until the final line. Premier league doesn’t equal Operating profit as I think we and most clubs prove. Growth is the only benefit, but when the required spend outweighs the saving, it’s simple maths. My estimation of Derby’s required spend (wages and fees) together with the period of spending this without receiving the improved premier league income is imho way more than the difference in purchase price. And promotion is far less likely than our relegation. On the balance of risk v reward, the rewards are potentially there but are quite remote, the requ
  5. You’re right, you didn’t say exactly. You told MLG “for once you’re right”. And his point was that we had a bigger fan base and better infrastructure. Read your own post! And your spending analysis of League one is made up of what, exactly? transfer fees? Have you considered wages, Marchwood upgrade, stadium improvements, off field staff investment, the black box, the black box room, the people watching the black box, Cortese Corteses cutlery, Les Reed, les reeds pr machine, the special pillows the players slept on, the “we march on” signage? And we were suddenly in profit when
  6. But you just agreed with MLG when he said he probably bought us because we had a bigger fan base and better infrastructure than those clubs. I think your word was “exactly.” Talking if MLG ... not sure they sold us for £200m? Still have 20% don’t they? And I think their investment was slightly more than the £13m purchase price. We were spending way above league 1 income for those two seasons im sure, and I’d guess at the top end when in the championship, incurring significant operational losses. And we are the best case scenario example. If I was about to invest tens (probably h
  7. Exception or rule? How many clubs have invested heavily and failed, leading to financial ruin vs got promoted on a shoe string? And perhaps the lack of squad depth is beginning to show there? Just goes to show sometimes it’s down to money and sometimes a bit of luck ... or good fortune ... or some other definition ...
  8. It absolutely wasn’t what I was implying. Turkish was implying it was bigger than ours in the way ours is bigger to Bolton’s. I was checking that was what he was suggesting because I don’t agree, I think we’re pretty equal. And I made the point a few posts back that Derby have had more actual success than us, being very aware of the world outside Hampshire. They have better history, a slightly better stadium, probably poorer training facilities and a similar fan base who are probably a bit more passionate and a bit less entitled than ours. I think that’s a fair, balanced view but happy to
  9. So do Derby have a bigger fan base and better infrastructure than us?
  10. I’ll answer you again, I don’t know and neither do you. what I do know is we were spectacularly lucky at securing back-to-back promotions to achieve it. Some real skill undoubtedly, but definitely a lot of luck. It also took us 2 years to get out of league one, showing even in that lowly competition spend isn’t guaranteed instant success (points deduction not withstanding). Unless Derby get up within a couple of seasons, the outlay in covering income shortfall while spending massively on squad development vastly outweighs any ‘saving’ on a cheaper purchase price. Well done on havi
  11. No, you have to spend more than £100 million to get promoted - this is a team at the lower end of the championship needing basically an entire new team at (to be premier league standard) an average of what, £20m each plus 4 years of wages to commit to? While not having the additional premier league income of what, £75m (additional) per year. So that’s £350 m over 2 years plus 4 year wage commitments for a team. With no guarantee that spend gets you promoted anyway. It’s more costly buying and developing Derby, with no guarantee of success. And the losses you’d have to commit t
  12. Sorry but that’s a gibberish analogy. It’s more like buying the rundown house in a much sh1tter area, spending as much as it would have cost to buy the nicer house in the first place, hoping the sh1t area becomes hip and happening, sky rocketing the value; all while having a massively reduced income (you’ve probably given up your job to do it up yourself) so unless your area does turn into the next Notting Hill you’ve blown a fortune while not having the income to afford the costs in the short term. You might get lucky, but chances are you won’t. You’ll be left with an asset worth less t
  13. At 1-0 having dominated and as a saints fan of many years I obviously expected a draw or defeat. how wrong - completely composed and in control for the 90+ minutes. Outside of the final third our passing and possession control was outstanding. I mean really, properly good. We do lack a bit of quality in the final third, but with that we’d have scored half a dozen. And the stress and pressure our pressing induces creates enough chances anyway. Im just too young to remember the early 80s, but the current football is as good as I can recall at any stage I think. Maybe I need to let
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