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  1. Am i being dumb, but doesn't Tottenham need permission to speak with Pochettino, before discussing the vacancy? I thought it was the same for players too, yet apparently, personal terms are agreed before a price is confirmed.
  2. Gator

    Saints on NBC

    Echo that, Washsaint. They've obviously done their homework studying SKY Sports and the BBC - nice blend of the two. Ironic that FOX owns SKY, yet their set-up was/is dire! I thought i'd struggle with the punditry, but Mustoe and Earle are actually reasonable to listen too and anchored well by Rebecca Lowe. Weekly link-up with Lineker is brief, but a clever endorsement.
  3. Coming over from the US for the game, thought i'd bought flights for no reason - persevered with the 01271# Phew! I thought the comments about people camping out were a joke... obviously not. Back to bed.. COYR
  4. currently a season ticket holder at Orlando City. Had the pleasure of watching Pulis last season.
  5. Received the book, Duncan. Awesome read, thank you! Highly recommended.
  6. Sounds great Duncan, thank you. Will forward payment, now. KR Mark
  7. Duncan, sounds awesome. I'd love a copy, but i'm located in Florida. How much would you charge to throw a copy over the pond? KR Mark
  8. i'll take it off ya hands, assuming price is right . PM me with the details. I'm in Orlando!
  9. very apt for breast cancer awareness week!
  10. can see the Northam embracing the Hand Jive to OWTS.
  11. Forever grateful for his gift. Never forgotten. Thank you Markus. Sleep easy big guy!
  12. if only you could measure the pleasure saints affords my life... eternally thankful.
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