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  1. Yeah, I'm suprised UEFA haven't stomped all over it, they don't like other matches distracting from their show-piece tournament.
  2. One in and straight out again!! http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/34262056 Bizarre to say the least, especially if you follow the link to him leaving Chesterfield. BTW Cook has now signed this player 6 times!
  3. If the seats are in a standing configuration they are locked up so you wouldn't be able to sit if you wanted to...
  4. So Phase 2 increases the capacity to 21,000, yet at the start of phase 3 (when they rip out the North Lower) the capacity is reduced to 21,0000. Seats from thin air?
  5. David Cameron ‏@David_Cameron 17m17 minutes ago Penny Mordaunt will become Armed Forces Minister at Ministry of Defence - first woman in this role I'll let Rallyboy come up with a fitting statement
  6. When you're a drowning man you clutch at any straws....
  7. Not being that familiar with the Cesspit can someone please indicate to me the alignment of said picture so I can divulge location of said massive land behind the North stand. Ah I have it now, North is to the left of that photo (must clear my google maps cache now), the car park is behind the North stand and the only bit of Tarmac, IIRC, is in the shadow of the "Grand Old Stand". Meanwhile the Fratton end is now abutting the Tesco superstore so no expansion there. Surely they should now call the Fratton End the Tesco end!!
  8. Nah, too elevated a role for him, he'll be on Pooper Scooper duty...
  9. tomahawk 11:18 AM on 13/04/2015 We must now hire a decent ,proven, manager -after all we are a unique top club. Saturdays game was a blow - lowly Morecambe wanting to play us every week. What a bitter pill to swallow? Saints did it,Bournemouth are doing it; even non league Eastleigh have said Pompey would hold no fears for them. With players like Wallace,Tubbs and Taylor at our disposal at least we have a good basic attack. Sorry for Mr.AA of course, but he knew it was a gamble before taking the job,and after all it is not the end of the world. I bet the payoff was more than just all
  10. I see Robinson is on a healthy downward swing on the villanometer.....
  11. Umm, aren't any monies from transfers being taken by the FL to pay off their debts (that don't exist)!!!
  12. Robinson is building the store, he'll rent it to whomever will have it, currently Tesco. The money for Pompey was effectively a bribe to allow him to build the new store next to the stadium..
  13. [video=youtube_share;CgYP1d5nN2o]http://youtu.be/CgYP1d5nN2o
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