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  1. Probably on loan to go with their big signings of Brighton's sub keeper and and Real Madrid's former wonderkid.
  2. Potentially 3 players yet to make their debut(?), and Ramsey and N'lundulu who have played a game or two between them. I very much want to see N'Lundulu start and probably Ramsey, but think if we play all those other 3 as well, it might be a few too many. Tchaptchat has come a bit out of nowhere, was last match his first time in the match day squad?
  3. Well, it'd be very depressing if he ends up somewhere like Wet Sham, as then it'll just be about money. They'll be willing to pay him say well over £100k p/w for 3 or 4 years, whilst we'd probably do £80k for 3 years. To be honest though, if he really wants to move for the sake of money, then that's very depressing. He already earns in a week what most of us do in a year, so in a pandemic, if the club are willing to give him a massive payrise and years of security (and basically a lifetime of extremely comfortable living) and he's happy here, why wouldnt he sign? Obviously if someone like
  4. Can see why people want him but really don't want to see him go. Even though he's only had limited time, I think he potentially offers more than Obafemi and Long and will become a really decent player. Seems to win some tough tackles, is pretty pacey and even had a few tricks up his sleeve.
  5. Also thought he looked good, and that he potentially might offer a bit more than Obafemi as a lively young option off the bench. Has looked good in a few of the 'B' team matches I've seen over the past couple of years too.
  6. Think it’s fair to say that Horseman hasn’t exactly got these guys going particularly well, but he is working with a very young squad. Would like to see Slattery back amongst the first team picture, and think Obafemi needs some games (although guess he was banned)? Is it possible for us to get relegated from this division? Looks quite likely at the mo...
  7. Sounds like the ‘secondment’ was a success but he was actually just sacked and shipped off overseas! Would he do any worse than the current ‘B’ team coaches?!
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