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  1. Dont know if he was injured, but was awful vs Palace in the TV game, and very hit or miss vs Utd. Brooks is a good player though, although only just back from a bad injury. Not sure Cantwell is worth the money (yet) that Norwich will want for him (imagine 20-25m+).
  2. Not as big a job as Palace - who not only have an ancient squad, but have about 66% of their senior pros out of contract by the end of next year!
  3. A lot of the problems are to do with not only poor recruitment, but when Reed and co were giving out massive contracts to reserve / young players with the hope they'd become international players and be worth 30-40 million. The only one it's really worked out with is JWP, although Stephens has done well recently too. I dread to think what others like Gallagher, Targett, Reed etc were / are earning for sitting on the bench / being subsidised for them playing for other clubs...
  4. Hi did actually score one that Long would've hit tamely directly at the keeper, and also smashed a volley from outside the box against the inside of the post. Doubt Shlong would've done that...
  5. Anyone going who likes video / board games, there's a great pub in Stratford about 15 mins walk from the ground. Good selection of beers and very reasonably priced too. https://www.escapebarstratford.com/
  6. No sign of Maddox, but guessing they only played 2/3 days ago
  7. So, did we sign this guy or not? I’m guessing he also plays left back?!
  8. Think everyone outside of West Ham want them to go down. Instantly unlikeable club with the stadium deal & (entitled and lad-life) fanbase
  9. Well that's a bit of a downgrade if it's true we're getting 'third choice' KWP instead of Cedric. Not really convinced 'the **** Kyle Walker' is actually good with only about 15 appearances since his breakthrough about 3 years ago... When's Valery back? Again, not perfect, but think he's a talented footballer.
  10. disconnect

    Injury Watch

    Yoshida is woeful at full back! I think Stephens was slightly better at full back, and didn't Ramsey have a game or two at right back a year or so back? Wasnt stand out, but dont think was especially bad either?
  11. Wilf Zaha is a bit of a baby isn't he? Thinks he's amazing but as soon as he doesn't get a decision throws his toys out of the pram. Can't believe how often he gets away with slapping / pushing or poking people in the face too - likes a good face stroke for some reason....!
  12. It must've been a Phil Jones style crossing of the line, face first and mostly still stuck there.
  13. I’m pretty sure he said it was a done deal?!
  14. Definitely agree it was a great goal, and was a very nice Christmas gift to the fans! I am indeed talking about his ball control and dribbling - seems very raw in that respects
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