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  1. Josh Maja looks pretty decent, and Lookman yes. Although think Fulham might still stay up. Full backs are possibly more key though, but cant think of any that I've thought are particularly great, other than that Swedish guy who played for Newcastle against us! Also, Saint-Maximim if we're somehow sold and have a budget of more than £3 mill plus sales to buy 6 new players.
  2. I used to rate him when he ran at players at pressed them into making mistakes. Now he is increasingly back to the old 'get the ball in space, stop, look around, get tackled, moan' mentality of old. He is everyone wrong with the team at the moment - few poor decisions and bad results and his confidence is completely destroyed to the point where he might as well not bother being on the pitch. That said, if the top opposite corner of the goal was a metre higher and wider he'd have doubled his goals tally for us...
  3. Haven’t seen the teams but is part of the problem that because we have to rely on some of the youngsters just to fill a match day squad that they’re taken from the B team (probably correctly), but then their places are filled by u-18’s (resulting in very young B team squads) and then the u-18’s have lots of u-16’s playing for them? I know that was the case with the B team for the past few matches.
  4. It's so he can do his trademark cut inside and curl it a couple yards over the top right corner of the goal.
  5. Whilst looking for how Gunn was doing at Stoke noticed that Stoke have signed Shawn Wright-Phillips' son, who is 19 years old! Jeeezzzz. Doesn't seem that long ago he was a youngster himself!
  6. If Salisu does play, we’ve got to expect him to be pretty rusty after so long out and his first game in a new team. Fingers crossed he has a good game if he does play and he can build it from there!
  7. Djenepo must be carrying a knock to not get on today?! Redmond was woeful and is back to his old “turn a player and then turn again and play backwards” form...
  8. Is he not 'a week or two' away anymore then?!
  9. Tuesday night was obviously extremely disappointing for all involved, especially the player, who could've had what he has been craving - a run of a few games in the premier league to show everyone what he can do. He's a young guy desperate to do well, who had a terrible moment. He'll learn, and next appearance (which I hope he'll get in the not too distant future), he'll hopefully be calmer and more ready and go on to have a good game. He's one of our players, and after all, it's only a sport which we follow - no fan should be abusing kids for mistakes.
  10. If Bednarek cant play at the weekend then football's completely lost it. Watching that back, I don't think anyone could ever give a penalty. That said, it's Saints and not Liverpool, so he'll probably get a 10 match ban for extreme violent conduct...! Did I read somewhere that Stephens is also banned for Saturday? Who else can play centre back? Is Tchapachet going to be rushed in? Difficult to judge on 10 mins last night, but has only recently appeared in matchday squads. I guess we might've been able to do a Liverpool and put a central midfielder in there, but the only one you'd ch
  11. When was the last time Rose even played? He's a good player on his day, but questionable whether he's better than Bertrand (and would likely be earning more than Bertie).
  12. Although question marks about whether Valery might still be here tomorrow, guess we will see something like this tomorrow? McCarthy Valery (?); Stephens; Bednarek; Bertrand Redmond; Jankewitz; JWP; Armstrong Ings; Adams Djenepo possibly somewhere Bench: Forster, Long and whoever else can run. First team doesnt look too bad, but any injuries and not looking good at all.
  13. Ralph really doesnt like him, does he? As most others, think he's pretty good going forwards, but not premier league level (as yet) defending. Even if we were going to get another full back, seems like we're not learning from our lessons...
  14. Implies Ramsey, Jankewitz, Watts all in squad for tomorrow? The team seems to get younger by the week!
  15. If it's only FC Groningen that want him then we're not going to get more than say 500k for him are we?! If he's really that good, lets see what Bayern Munich might offer. Just loan him out to the Netherlands to play (whilst chucking him a new contract) and he can come back and get into the team. Surprised he didnt play rather than say Watts, but maybe Watts has shown a great attitude and hasnt got his agents to moan at (and likely, annoy) the club.
  16. Didn't watch the match - how did he do? Looked fairly good vs Shrewsbury.
  17. That's interesting - also thought big things were expected. Saw him a few times and looked super skillful, although didnt realise he was 19 and thought was telling he hasnt been anywhere near the first team squad. Is 'terminating your contract' going to be a new thing? Noticed a few players have done it.
  18. No chance of Valery at right back and KWP at left back? I thought he'd played there a few times for Spurs?
  19. Probably on loan to go with their big signings of Brighton's sub keeper and and Real Madrid's former wonderkid.
  20. Potentially 3 players yet to make their debut(?), and Ramsey and N'lundulu who have played a game or two between them. I very much want to see N'Lundulu start and probably Ramsey, but think if we play all those other 3 as well, it might be a few too many. Tchaptchat has come a bit out of nowhere, was last match his first time in the match day squad?
  21. Well, it'd be very depressing if he ends up somewhere like Wet Sham, as then it'll just be about money. They'll be willing to pay him say well over £100k p/w for 3 or 4 years, whilst we'd probably do £80k for 3 years. To be honest though, if he really wants to move for the sake of money, then that's very depressing. He already earns in a week what most of us do in a year, so in a pandemic, if the club are willing to give him a massive payrise and years of security (and basically a lifetime of extremely comfortable living) and he's happy here, why wouldnt he sign? Obviously if someone like
  22. Can see why people want him but really don't want to see him go. Even though he's only had limited time, I think he potentially offers more than Obafemi and Long and will become a really decent player. Seems to win some tough tackles, is pretty pacey and even had a few tricks up his sleeve.
  23. Also thought he looked good, and that he potentially might offer a bit more than Obafemi as a lively young option off the bench. Has looked good in a few of the 'B' team matches I've seen over the past couple of years too.
  24. Think it’s fair to say that Horseman hasn’t exactly got these guys going particularly well, but he is working with a very young squad. Would like to see Slattery back amongst the first team picture, and think Obafemi needs some games (although guess he was banned)? Is it possible for us to get relegated from this division? Looks quite likely at the mo...
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