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  1. You'll be booing Maupay. He will miss a sitter early in the first half, then get kicked and one of your players will get booked as a consequence. You will then open the scoring despite having 7% of the ball all game, but Maupay will equalise in the 74th minute with just his 7th presentable chance and cup his ears to the home fans before celebrating in front of ours and then being booked himself. I do love Neal Maupay. The game itself has draw written all over it. 😄😄😄
  2. Defensively we're as good as anyone in the bottom half, and we have Bissouma who is the best midfielder I've seen at the club - we won't keep hold of him for more than another year. Arsenal will be fine once they stiffen up their defence. They need a Bould/Adams type of player to take control of things at the back, playing alongside White. Even without that, they'll have far too much to get involved in a relegation fight.
  3. The only team I feel is nailed on to go down is Norwich and I fancy 2 from Watford, Burnley and Newcastle to join them. Watford are a bit naiive, Newcastle are crap, Burnley are surrounded by uncertainty after a recent takeover and have stalled for some time now. If they do get reinforcements I think they'll be OK, but it's a big if. Don't think Brentford will go down (I backed them to stay up at the start of the season and there is nothing to suggest that will change) - they are just too well run. You'll be fine too (even without strengthening I think you'll be 16th at worst), and we
  4. Look what we found: http://fansonline.net/portsmouth/mb/view.php?id=543661 Absolutely marvellous levels of delusion there from some of the Greatest Fans In The World :lol:
  5. Please. Pipe down. The greatest posters and threads will be on a Pompey forum somewhere - home to The Best Fans In The World
  6. Greetings from Brighton - some of us are already on both sites.
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