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  1. Simon is a big Saints fan but you don't see pages of positive stories in the Metro. PR companies don't prompt journalists by the way. They work with them to facilitate exclusive access, interviews etc.
  2. If the story stands up then of course not. It helps that with the exception of Mitchell's departure, there's nothing negative to write about now. Essentially the club and agency identified The Telegraph as a sympathetic title during #meltdown and worked with them to place a series of articles with a more positive spin, such as the interviews with senior management and a lot of the coverage we've seen recently. The relationship is ongoing.
  3. Close but not quite. We've had a media partnership with Telegraph for a while now. It was one of the first things the new PR agency did.
  4. Yeti

    Media Coverage

    We have employed a new London PR agency who are working with club's media team hence all this coverage. They were responsible for the Gareth Bale video and the media launch of the new pavilion at Staplewood.
  5. Players in fancy dress would look nearly as stupid as fans.
  6. There's no reason whatsoever for grown men to wear replica shirts to football, let alone fancy dress.
  7. How about we aim to stop making outlandish claims about what will hapen next season before we're even safe from relgation in the current one.
  8. Yeti

    Booing of Guly

    Should we all cheer a drink driver then?
  9. Nothing would make me happier than the away end bathed in red smoke
  10. Yeti

    RIP Malc Tuck

    43 is way too young. RIP
  11. Yeti

    Saints fans jailed

    Game, set and match SRS. New balls for SaintNeil90
  12. Yeti

    Saints fans jailed

    Handing out custodial sentances for this is ridiculous. Feel very sorry for the lads involved and their families
  13. Brilliant. Pictures?
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