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  1. My initial thought too. Along with Shawcross and N'Zonzi. The lot of 'em are thugs.
  2. Funny, I remember the same stuff from you bout this time last year. Let me guess, every other team is bound to improve etc. no way any other team will fail to get stronger or have poor seasons again...
  3. Not long back, trying to compose my thoughts fully before writing in much detail but, wow. That really was a truly stunning performance. Haven't had a chance to listen to loads, but even without knowing all the stuff it was a wonderful night.
  4. Monday night, friend. I'll be sure to let you know
  5. Excellent. I genuinely love how upset dudes are getting about it. Some MRAs even tried to boycot it. http://wehuntedthemammoth.com/2015/05/12/furious-about-furiosa-misogynists-are-losing-it-over-charlize-therons-starring-role-in-mad-max-fury-road/ Which, yeah went REALLY well. It's ok though, because they are still claiming victory, somehow. http://wehuntedthemammoth.com/2015/05/16/fury-and-furiouser-the-boycott-of-mad-max-fury-road-is-the-biggest-joke-on-the-internet-manbabies-declare-victory/ ...you may of heard about Roosh recently, a story went around about him. He has been (completely seriously) advocating for the decriminalisation of rape, in order to make women think about how they act. Because, yeah? And one more, just for fun: http://wehuntedthemammoth.com/2015/05/15/a-voice-for-men-doesnt-hate-mad-max-fury-road-except-when-it-does/ That's a great little blog for laughing at whiny little man babies in general as well. I think some of members of this forum would align with some of the the subject material on there. You know, the ones that are absolutely insistent that sexism (also racism) doesn't exist in any way shape or form. Obviously.
  6. Message from beyond: Min character limit on papsweb is now 3.
  7. Heard similar from someone that is a bit of a 'gossip journalist'. Not so much the bans, but that players going out and doing coke is fairly widespread. Out Saturday after the game, Sunday off, call in sick Monday. Supposedly it's out of your system by the Tuesday. I'm not up to speed enough of the testing or how it works to know if that is right, but just what I was told. I'm sure most have heard the rumours of a couple of Prem players that have had lengthy lay offs which some have suggested were actually drugs bans. Not keen on naming names, as I have no idea if such accusations have any substance whatsoever. Not sure I believe them entirely, but stranger things have happened I guess.
  8. I'd sign him on the basis of his name alone.
  9. I love Mad Max purely for how angry it has made the 'manosphere' (I'm not making that up btw, that's a real thing). I've not even seen the darn thing.
  10. Maybe, JackanorySFC didn't read the post properly? I was replying directly to a post linking the article I was talking about, and at no point reference any reason for why someone would have voted Tory.
  11. Zzzzzzz. Master class in missing the point there. I was referring specifically to the article trousers posted, and giving examples of how many of the things in that article are daft and 'the right' are equally culpable. Not individual Tory voters.
  12. Again, largely agree with this. I'm tempted to suggest that perhaps you are slightly underplaying the role Blair played. Granted, my knowledge of this is learned as history having been too young to really notice it at the time. I think he did play a role in helping to unify a party that itself was fractured. I think he also was a driving force in moving the party more towards the centre ground (arguably Blair is in some ways RoC). That's not to say you are wrong in the mess of the Tories, and people's general apathy towards them after 18 years of government at the time playing a huge role also. Dunno, may be wrong. As I said, this is an impression from looking back at it as a piece of history, instead of lived experience.
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