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  1. Please, guys, can we keep on topic here. Me and Hypo appreciate your contributions to the thread and we are genuinely interested in what you have to say, but the new site that we're setting up is not about getting old posters back or anything like that. We just want a site that complements this one. All we're asking for are volunteers. There are some key roles that need filling and if you want in, then now is the time to say. at least 4 mods positions are going and some other important roles as well. Me and Hypo will discuss the idea of limiting posts on our new forum, to stop any one individual from dominating.
  2. Yes, what angle shall we take with our new site? I was thinking maybe a sort of "let's discuss saints, but in a light hearted manner". That would "complement" this site very well.
  3. I don't see how the UI "complements" this site. How would your site "complement" SWF? Would it be saints related - because if so, it would seem that would be "competition" rather than "complementing". Anyway, yes, I am happy to help out. I will be chief mod. So far: Hypo - Admin/owner WS - Chief mod What other roles do we need? probably another 4 mods, to work directly under my control Maybe a social secretary? Advertsiing and merchandising director?
  4. I like the look of him. I think he'll turn out quite useful this season.
  5. So the rest of your mods are also bumwipes, that's all that proves. Anyway, the only people to endlessly hand out infractions to me are you and Eddie. The pair of you are on such a huge ego trip that you cannot see whats is good for the forum anymore. You took over from Keith and have bascially destroyed all the good points about this place. Yes, it's all new and snazzy but the heart and soul of the forum has been removed. There's no fun or comedy or anything on this place anymore, and that is down to you. You're more than happy to spend half your lives up StuRomseySaints asshole because you both want to be seen as one of the "boys". Well you're not, you're a pair of c*nts. Simple as that. A pair of dweeby titheads. Boj, you are a cretin, and you cannot see what's in front of your nose. Well, quite frankly, **** you.
  6. How is that a wind up? The point I am making, if you could be bothered to try and lift the blinkers from your eyes and ignore your bizarre hatred of me, is that this man has broke the law, lots of times and is now looking for ways out of it. Maybe you think that's ok, that's up to you (although we are talking about the laws of this country - designed to protect us), but don't dismiss my opinion as a wind up just because it suits you. I think you're the one who needs to research the term impartiality, not Ponty. Basically, if people don't agree with you, then they're either on a wind up or they need to have a behind the scene "chat " with you. You need to sort your ego out a little bit.
  7. I work hard and pay my taxes AND i stick within the law of the land. You may well work hard and pay your taxes but you have admitted that the laws of this country mean nothing to you. You are more than happy to break them, but you're not man enough to take the punishment. It is people like you that have dragged this country inti the mess we're in. You are slowly eroding the gene of common sense, which, in this case, states that laws are there for protect the innocent.....you don't care about that, you're happy to zoom around the country, putting young children, the elderly and disabled at risk and then, when caught, you try to find loopholes and ways out. Ken Clarke today will tell his fellow politicians that there are too many people in prison and that it serves no purpose as the short term senteced criminals simply go out and re-offend. I put you in that category.....a minor offence, but still an offence. However, where I differ from Ken Clarke is that I believe a stint in Jail is exactly what you need. You mention your young children (as if that's an excuse for your reckless habits on the roads of this once proud nation), well what is some maniac ran them over - how would you feel then? Would you demand justice or would you say "well, we've done broken the speed limits, it;'s what we do". Would you say that? I doubt it very much. For the safety of the British public, your licence should be revoked and you should be given 3 months inside to contemplate all the damage to law abiding peoples lives that you could do. Hang your head in shame.
  8. I'm not sure what's going on here....maybe the world is about to come to an end or maybe there has been some cosmic sh*t going on, but I actually find myself agreeing with WSS. Maybe I'm just turning into a miserable old b*stard, like he is, but he does have a point. And as for the point about getting legal aid - get bf*cked, quite frankly. Why would a self confessed criminal like the OP be able to get assistance to protect themsleves from the very laws that they have admitted to breaking. Hanging is too good for you lot, that's what I believe anyway.
  9. Would you still be asking the same question if it was a Blackbird?
  10. I don't find it funny.....I find it slightly offensive that you compare a game of football with war. You're the one with no respect. We lost in the World Cup.....booo hoooo, so f*cking what? Is it a surprise to you? Do you really think those players went out to lose on purpose? They're just not good enough, simple as that. You're the one using the death of soldiers as some sort of p*ssing contest - how dare you compare what they do with a bunch of men who just so happen to play football. You need to learn the following: 1. Not to overact to the result of a football game 2. Not to devalue the lives of soldiers who die, fighting a war that no-one want to fight, by comparing them to players in a game designed for fun. Get a grip.
  11. I find myself agreeing 100% with you Alpine Saint. How bloody dare these so called "footballers" lose a game when we have soldiers being shot and blown up. Have they no shame? They may as well have renamed themselves Al-Qaeda Utd. It makes me sick to the stomach, to think of our proud soldiers, out there, singing the national anthem and trying to keep the world in order, when these ponces cannot even sing the national anthem, make a decent tackle, pass or score. I tell you what I'd like to do......I'd like to swap all those in the squad, the manager and all the back room staff (including Billy Beckham Big B*llocks) for some of the soldiers out there risking their lives for us and for these over paid bunch of bums. This is a national disgrace and I think that the coalition government should put spending cuts aside for one moment to make sure that there is enough money to send these losers, who have brought shame on the name of England, straight out to Iraq or Afganistan. Let them all get blown up. Bring in some of those brave, heroic soldiers and I bet they would have beaten Germany today. They would have beaten them with sheer determination. They would have played with pride, for the 3 lions, for the country, for the Queen, for the wives and crying kids they left at home. They would have scored goals and run to the corner flags and lifted tops to expose T-Shirts with Winston Churchills face on one side and their crying childrens faces on the other.
  12. Great advice mate. And if I remember rightly, you're a coach of some sort yourself aren't you? I think that between you, me and Tim, any budding soccer player or coach could do a lot worse than listen to our advice. I am genuinely perplexed by this anomisity that you show me. I have just agreed with one of your posts, congratulated you on the quality of your coaching advice, and all I get in return are accusations of stalking (which I know the SWF team take very seriously as it is a police matter) and insults about not having a life. I won't pretend that I'm not hurt. I am hurt. That said, if you're ever over here and want to get together with myself and Kadeem, I would love to lay on some coaching sessions for some of the poor kids. So, despite your unwarranted attack, I would like to thank you for starting this thread, on behalf of all the players and coaches out there and I want to encourage all those with even the smallest amount of coaching experience to share their wisdom here......maybe we can bypass the FA and develop some young talent here, ready for the 2018 World Cup. Wiltshire's advice for young players: If you have a player (from your own team) near you and another player from your team 50yards away, and the one far away is being closely marked, but the one nearer is free- pass to the one nearer to you. Don't always look for the long ball. Keep it simple lads. Coaches have got to really drum this into the youngsters from an early age.
  13. I have to +1 this advice, say "Great shout Tim!" and grab a high five! Please, please, please fella's....ask the ref to make sure the wall/defense is back the required distance. Any coaches out there, you gotta make sure that your players are aware of this and the importance of this. Another one, and I'm sure time with give me a low five on the sly for this one, is to always, always, make sure that as a defense, if you're going to play off-side, that you all move up together. Please coaches, get it into your players heads that they need to act as one and cannot have one daft sod lagging behind and playing everyone onside. And one more, I'll give this one for free.......if your team has been awarded a penalty, make sure that the goalie is on the line and not half up up the 6 yard box. Also make sure that no members of the defense are in the penalty area when your guy if about to take the penalty kick.
  14. Knowing the clubs record in informing fans about things, I wouldn't surprised if it's not until the morning of the first day of the season. Anyway, back on topic, in the first time in years all of my family have got season tickets because they all feel safe in attending the games now that they have seen that their is a detterent for behaving badly. My parents, grandparents, kids and neices and nephews have all got season tickets. A total 18 extra sales because these scum have been dealth with in the correct way. a big well done to the Police and hopefully the club will do the right thing, like Saintribbie says, and ban them for life. If I were the club I would focus in on the friends of these criminals and be looking to find a way of banning them as well, even if there has been no criminal act that the police can deal with.
  15. This world Cup is not like WWII because: (a) The russians didn't qualify (b) there has been no holocaust during the competition © Switzerland are participating in the World cup, but pretty much stayed out of WWII (d) Japan seem to have won people's hearts in this competition, but weren't so loved during the conflict (e) There has been no rationing of items in this country (f) People have not been called up to fight (g) There are no concetration camps at the World Cup
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