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  1. I nearly came a cropper on the A34 when they announced that on solent this morning!
  2. There's no mystery about Connolly, our agent is performing above his remit.
  3. As opposed to using HMRC wallet to pay for players?
  4. I love it when another plan falls apart!
  5. Just to be clear, there are two ways out of L2, which way do you mean?
  6. Hey! Nice to see you're still around and lurking. I don't think that it matters which charity it goes to, it's the bit that's going to the club while under the guise of raising cash for charity. Somewhat disingenuous don't you think?
  7. You can actually take him somewhere twice. The second time though is to make him apologise.
  8. But he's part of the team which is going to save you......
  9. And didn't we score in the time which was added on for this?
  10. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....
  11. Anthony Worrall Thompson is a Penny fan then?
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