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  1. Hopefully Bertrand will be there to say goodbye to the fans and hopefully Redmond will play so can give him a good booing
  2. anyone got a stream pls ? Streamgate.tv which normally use doesn't seem to be working
  3. I was going to ask, all I see on the ticket website is just a plain screen, with no link to Leeds tickets (I am eligible today) Is this what everyone else gets ?
  4. Why Fraser / Tella dropped and Redmond / McCarthy back ugh
  5. Any streams pls ? aside from hesgoals which always stops about every 15mins
  6. yep that clear chance on goal that he missed was pretty spectacular
  7. Sorry but I am in the Redmond is garbage camp, doesn't deserve his place in the team
  8. anyone got stream link pls hesgoals is rubbish and laggy
  9. Quite sickening really isn't it.
  10. Somehow missed all this news from the last few days, just catching up. Disappointing to read, thought we finally had a player with some loyalty, especially with his local ties thought he could be the next Le Tiss or Benali. Guess should learn from all the other traitors who have used us, and as soon as they come good think they're better than us and fck off for more money.
  11. Still had no payments since 3rd Nov and no response to my email at the start of this week. I hope they will be on the phone next week so I can waste my time chasing them.
  12. I've had no money refunded since 3rd Nov, bit of a joke really. Tried calling and they're only taking emails, so email it is.
  13. Thanks, seems a bit laggy though 😕 Any other links pls folks ?
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