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  1. Something they have in abundance, luckily. Rattle Rattle.
  2. You've missed a zero from the end of that figure. I'm sure we all remember the kerfuffle caused by BAs decision to cancel their normal worldwide flight schedule for the day to ferry 200,000 of the bestest to Germany and back.
  3. I honestly doubt that anyone here knows a great deal about the players they've brought in for this season - they're not really on our radar, are they?
  4. Oh dear Crawley, that's almost as embarrassing as continuing to celebrate a draw against your local rivals that neither stopped them getting promoted or stopped you getting relegated... Actually, no, it isn't.
  5. It's not so much about prize money, more the huge crowds that will flock to Fratton to see the Division 3 giants like Shrewsbury, Rochdale and Port Vale.
  6. I'm still not convinced that they have gone for broke, tbh - they are a big club for Division 4 (lol) and should have a turnover that dwarfs most of their rivals. Additionally, even if they do overspend and get into the poop again they are so bloody tinpot at the moment that their debts will be trifling in comparison to the amounts they've written off before. Another whip round among the toothless few should be able to clear that up again.
  7. I've just flicked over to their game and I see exactly why they want to expand Fratton Park.
  8. The9 and Steve would appear to have given more thought to these plans than the "architect" who actually crayoned them in the first place
  9. You might as well write and complain just to waste a bit of their time that could otherwise be spent so successfully running their club.
  10. How professional do you expect those running a tinpot Division 4 club to be?
  11. You should all read this. It's helped me no end http://psychcentral.com/blog/archives/2014/03/04/8-healthy-ways-to-deal-with-jealousy/
  12. http://www.portsmouthfc.co.uk/news/article/pompey-launch-seat-release-scheme-at-fratton-park-2581725.aspx Some fixtures, yes - just not any at Fratton Park
  13. Jonny, Jonny, Jonny - I know they've had some pretty low points in the past but I can't believe they'll ever get that f-ing desperate again.
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