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  1. I had an interesting discussion at the weekend with a player of the same age who has played against him a number of times (including last season). Let's just say I'm not getting my hopes up that he's anywhere near first team ready...
  2. If you are going to loan out for a season, a 3 year contract is the first duration that makes sense. One year world be totally pointless, two years and they return with only a year remaining and you're back in Ings/Vestergaard territory. 3 years is the minimum to give you any security
  3. Has that ever been confirmed?
  4. I just clicked the ones it enabled me to, the system is rubbish. Might be a problem if they are checking ID but they have had months to get this sorted
  5. When you play a lower league team they are often up for it at the start. Their boyish excitement at playing a big team fades after a while and that's when quality tells. Was similar when we played plucky Portsmouth last season.
  6. I was going to say the same thing. I think Leicester won the header for every single one of our corners. Such a waste.
  7. VAR looked at the offside earlier in the move, which they would only ever do if they've decided it was handball. So it seems they were going to give it, then changed their mind for some reason. It would be very helpful for fans if they came out and gave their reasoning in situations like this.
  8. Is that a serious question, or are you just being pedantic? https://equalityhumanrights.com/en/race-report-statistics
  9. I take it you boycott games around remembrance Sunday then? Also, it's not political to feel that black people deserve the same rights and treatment as white people.
  10. Would it actually matter if it did? It takes about 5 seconds
  11. I'm surprised no one has picked up on the main similarity to the Villa game, that is Bednarek getting injured. He probably should have gone off yesterday, he was clearly struggling and in pain. Presumably the Villa experience made Ralph stick with him this time, but it was a turning point for me.
  12. So if last season they sold 10,600 and so far they've sold 5,500 of which over a thousand weren't season ticket holders last year, that means they are about 6,000 down at the minute. Early bird finishes on 11th July, so they'd better get a move on.
  13. Why do they need a 3rd kit? Surely a club with the community at heart should be able to come up with a home and away kit to cover all clashes. 3rd kits are just a scheme to milk fans of money.
  14. Not sure this is a suitable subject for point-scoring Trousers. Also, if I'm right, this is effectively the old Vospers jobs that are going isn't it? How many Southampton people went to work in Portsmouth when Vospers moved there? Portsmouth doesn't actually have much of a history of ship building in recent years prior to that, I think they've always been more in the maintenance line.
  15. Pompey must be paying quite well if Hall turned down a senior IT role in Manilla to work for them.
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