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  1. hello im trying to get all the programmes for the 1976 cup run I have them all except one need: round 5 wba v saints if anyone has it or know anywhere i could find it please help £££ cheers up the saints 07787467625
  2. Need a goal scoring midfielder in the steve davis jwp position if we wanna push on from last season
  3. I done a tour of their old ground and in the museum their was a big saints badge with a write up on us saying how the club have the stripes because of us. They went over here to get some kits off blackburn but ended up gettin kits off us....my spanish team ever since!
  4. Yes I was one of them. And did try to break the silence many times during the second half but people didn't want to know. Our away support is not great imo very quiet. Much louder in league 1/champ
  5. Nearly 2,000 saints fans travel up north to stand there in silence most of the game. Shame not everyone wanted to get behind the team and cheer us to victory.
  6. People can come/leave/get a beer etc when they want...the fact you lot are on a internet site moaning about is embarrassing
  7. thierry henry = 175 goals in prem = legend......rooney 185 goals in prem = overrated rooney is gonna be englands all time top goalscoorer and people are slagging him off
  8. Anyone considering going? Do we normally have many saints fans at England games?
  9. What do yas think of Prodigy's new tunes?
  10. Saw this band at the NME awards the other day and I love them
  11. Fatboy slim will be a good laugh on the saturday, hopefully it's a decent headliner on the sunday! I've heard it could be pulp or craig david....
  12. GaleLeTissier


    Anyone going to any festivals this year? IOW is looking the best atm with fleetwood mac, black keys and prodigy! Also what do you think of that new common people festival at the common?
  13. Soo hard!! Off top of my head... Oasis - Definitely Maybe Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I am I am Not The Strokes - Is This It Kings Of Leon - Youth & Young Manhood Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour
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