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  1. 5 more performance like that to end the season... Pity we dropped the 2 points but a real gritty performance... Tremendous, COYR
  2. Harsh sending off... A brave draw to boost the team's self confidence, would be a decent outcome... COYR
  3. I'd assume one or two of Fraser, McC and Gunn need to be sold this summer... Maybe a last chance saloon for our current n1 to see if he can displace FF?
  4. Same thinking here.. looks like 3 at the back, we need to keep up with Bale and Son so kind of makes sense with two WBs We need to find a solution to our midfield and maybe JWP as the anchor with Theo and Stu as more attacking makes sense (although I'd like to have seen the young Swiss lad)
  5. So nervous but we're also restricted them. We usually have a good 20mins sometimes in the game, hopefully it's to come...COYR
  6. I'm sure it's all a front. Ralph said to the boys, go easy, no injury, keep it below 5 or 6 , save yourselves for Sunday.... I hope so, else we are in shambles...
  7. That frailty, which has been exposed in the past months, was kept buried. That's a real bonus. Fair we didn't play incredible football but we played our all from the 25mins onwards, stayed focused, got the chances and scored the goals we needed. And that's all that mattered. 3 points, and a happy Easter for all Saints... COYS
  8. Agree with the bitter taste, however If we lose to them, I'd hope they win it... Can't really stand Vardy but the rest of the team, manager and supporters are pretty decent. Big difference to us, in the past few years at least (apart from actually winning something pretty big) is that they sold very well (Maguire, chillwell, kante, drinkwater, mahrez) and replaced by what seems to be as good if not better at a profit (Soyuncu, Maddison, Fofana, Ndidi, Tielemans, Castagne, Justin...) I'd have them in our line up any day of week). Unsure if they managed to get these replacements becau
  9. Guess we could compare ourselves to Newcastle (current form is shitty, finances are bad, squad size is limited, owners want out) I'm happier with our lot that's for sure - Recent form includes a few games ravaged by injuries and suspensions, next few games look much better for us re 1st teamers back - Our finances seem similar to the past 50 years or so (were we ever flush? maybe only for a few days after selling VvD ?) - Squad size isn't too bad: couple of back up full backs and a midfielder away from decent (fair enough we need at least 10-25million for that) - Owner
  10. First twenty mins, we looked like a championship side... did pretty well after. Happy for Redmond and Djenepo to get on the scoresheet... nice goals all of them. Che so unlucky with the offsides, I like him a lot Armstrong, what a player All in all, easy win, clean sheet, in the semi, happy days 🙂 COYS
  11. Everyone knew this was a free hit... we got easily beat, no surprise... move on with the knowledge that a few of our players got a rest COYS
  12. He's on par with our other wingers (bar Amstrong) and scored us a couple of goals... I'd prefer him (sadly) to Theo if we were to turn one of these loans into a permanent signing. Certainly works hard, has decent speed and ball control. With a run of games, he could prove himself to be pretty useful.
  13. Phewww... Let's all get drunk tonight, we deserve it... and so did the lads today.
  14. come on... good win ...COYS Will help the lads regain confidence... Most players back, we looked composed and fresh with good attacking intent. Salisu looked decent - for a first start. A game away from Wembley... yeah !!!!
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