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  1. Still proud of the team... Last mins goals were poor and the injuries worrying but 3 points, 4 great goals and up to 3rd... RH might need to shuffle his team a bit for Newcastle but we need to keep the whole team fit and sharp (we saw with Stevens, Diallo and Long that these guys aren't really up to speed) and it maybe a good match to do so. As others JWP MoTM first half, McCarthy for the 2nd half... special mention to the Big Dane
  2. @admin could we pin this thread until the game at the weekend?
  3. Sky Switzerland (ie Sky Germany online) still showing most games incl. the Chelski game one last weekend and vs Everton on Sunday. 20 CHF per month (16GBP) for EPL, EFL, Bundesliga, La Liga,Serie A, Ligue 1... as well as a ton of other sports. Only thing that I struggle with is that these Sky streams are delayed a bit and I can't quite get commentary from Adam and Dave synced up. Seems like they have everything in place so do think they are taking the piss to price it for PPV in England... Sorry guys... Donated as well.. good cause
  4. Great team spirit, brave and proud, pity we let in three goals but can't complain with the result. COYS
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