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  1. Don't mind Bednarek. Would like to se him playing with Salisu though. Better at defending than Stephens Fine with Redmond and Ely. I would have played Djenepo for Redmond. Like Armstrong -Adams up top. Swap with Broja-Tella in the second half. Think we'll lose but only with 3-1
  2. I know this dosen't mean he'll stay 5 years, but this makes me very happy🙂
  3. kjurwi

    Adam Armstrong

    Agree with every word.👍
  4. Could that other new young chelseadude play leftback?
  5. That's way too much action.
  6. I'm Swedish and Think it's a red card.
  7. Agree, sell the bugger. But we need someone experienced to replace him.
  8. Would love us to play some really just to score a lot of goals and keep a clean sheet. A Dutch 3rd division team or something like that. But i wonder if we would play like turds and lose. Not in a good Saintsmood right now.
  9. I don't want Augustinsson, but he would probobly do a decent job. Not a great left back in my opinion.
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