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another Saints record we've lost..

david in sweden

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but this time, it's quite unenviable.

QPR have now appointed Neil Warnock as their 12th manager in the last 4 years:smt103.


After all the abuse and snide articles from the media during the reign of the former " never again to be named " chairman, we now surely have lost that stigma forever. Of course it leaves Palace deeper in the sh**e than they were before and the aforementioned Neil Danns who was persuaded (by Warnock) that his success in the future lay with Palace, must be wondering what he's woken up to this morning.:(


Even RL's worst actions can be bettered (or should that be worsened) by QPR.

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Hmm, good point David. The only issue I would take with there is that Rupert Lowe happened to Saints, and not another club. In the seasons post 2003-04, I wouldn't have wished him on anyone.


In QPR's case, their flaw is impatience. They haven't achieved success in recent years. In RL's case it was incompetence in football appointments, and an almost suicidal attempt to fail. He achieved that, at least.

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