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Poor Pitches


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A lot of pitches are now reminiscent of those back in my youth when playing surfaces were like quagmires between Nov and Feb and then dust bowls into March & April


St Marys is a shining beacon of verdant grass in a plethora of paddy fields.


Got us thinking over a recent pint.


How many of the 92 football clubs share facilities with the oval hoofers.


Starter for 10


Wigan Prem RL

Hull " RL

Swansea Fizzy Pop Union

Cardiff " Union

Doncaster " RL

Watford " Union

Reading " Union

Huddersfield Div 1 RL

Bristol Rovs " Union

Wycombe " Union

Stockport " Union

Rotherham?? Div 2 ???


Not sure about Rotherham who paly at Dons Valley.

Also possibility of some Div 2 sides offering up their facilities for Prem side Reserve games eg Bury/Aldershot??


Whilst Wigan have the funds to relay their pitch mid season what is going to happen at Stockport. Glad we dont have to play there again this season

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