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simple wii games

Jeff Le Taxi

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Anyone know of any simple wii games for four year olds? preferably without needing the nunchuck as my twins are getting a bit fustrated trying to use it!

And before anyone says let them go outside and play, i mean for rainy days when there's nothing else to do for half an hour or so.

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Twins? Surely all you need is the Wii Sports boxing then ? :)


My 4 year old is loving 'seeing' me play Rabbids Go Home which is really really funny - and he plays as well (although not great but encouragement is key!).


Have put the Soft mod on mine though so have loads of games but not sure of any others more than Mario Kart for them to play at that age. Give it a year and they'll be turning it all on themselves whilst you're in bed :D

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