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Best recovery record ever?


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As a total stat nerd, I'm looking at Saints' results this season from going 1-0 down.


I can't say I've completed a categorical search, but it looks like - on a cursory glance - that we may recover more points from 1-0 down than any English league team in any division since the war.


As an aside, I spoke to a few bookies about this. They said that in live betting markets, the first goal is usually decisive. Of course, that's usually because it is scored by the stronger team (e.g. Chelsea 1 Bolton 0) and therefore just tends to reaffirm the pre-match odds. But in a relatively even battle - say Rovers v Saints - they reckoned the first goal nearly wipes out a recovery to win. Their best guess was that at the 30 min mark, the spot price on a Saints win vs Rovers was about 10/1 or 12/1.


But we seem to do this a lot (Southend? Oldham? Leyton? Walsall? Hartelpool!)


Would welcome other nerdy/statto analysis.


I blame the manager. We shouldn't be going behind early this often. PARDEW OUT (note: this para is not serious)

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Whenever we go behind in a match these days, I always think we will still get something out of it, which shows our progress. Off the top of me 'ead:


MK Dons (h) - 1-0 down at ht. Won 3-1

Carlisle (a) - 1-0 in injury time. Last minute equaliser

Walsall (h) - 1-0 down very early on. Won 5-1.

Rovers (a) - An extraordinary repeat of the above.

Orient (h) - 1-0 down after about a minute. Won 2-1

Orient (a) - 2-0 with about 20 mins left. 2-2 draw.

Brighton (a) - Went behind twice, drew 2-2

Hartlepool (a) - They took the lead. We won 3-1


That's 18 points gained after going behind. Pretty sure last season was the opposite, throwing points away. That's not including the best rescue opperation of the season. Waigo's last gast equaliser to draw with Norwich in the JPT.

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A great site for research into just such things is the stats section of Football 365:

http://stats.football365.com/dom/index.html - specifically this page:



Shows we've come from behind in 10 games, winning 6 and drawing 4.


The games in question:


Carlisle (a) - 1-0 down till Jaidi equalised in injury time - DRAW


MK Dons (h) - 1-0 at H-T (Puncheon), scored 3 in 2nd half - WIN


Leyton Orient (a) - 2-0 down after an hour, brace from Rickie resued a point - DRAW


Hartlepool (a) - 1 down after 15 minutes, Lallana leveled before h-t, then Lallana and Ricky made it 3-1 - WIN


Walsall (h) - concede after 3 minutes, then scored 5, including Barnard's first (two) - WIN


Hartlepool (h) - one down after 10 minutes, level within 3 minutes, went on to win 3-2 - WIN


Brighton (a) - twice went behind, but twice drew level (last goal in 89th minute) - DRAW


Leyton Orient (h) - went behind after 2 minutes, but 2 goals either side of h-t from Lallana gave us the WIN


Brizzle R (a) - made the mistake of scoring in 1st half, which only made us angry enough to score 5 - WIN


Just looked back at this, and I can only see three draws in that list, although the F365 stats say we managed it four times. Anyone else spot another draw snatched from defeat this season (League only)?


Also, we shouldn't forget 2 of the JPT games:


Torquay - came from 2-0 down at H-T to draw, then won on pens


Norwich - took the lead, then let in 2, came back to draw, won on pens.


Pleasingly, this season we've managed twice something that we didn't do for something like 12 years, namely win an away game when we conceded first. As I recall, between 1994 at Coventry and at Burnley in 2006, if the home team scored first, they were guaranteed at least a point.

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. That's not including the best rescue opperation of the season. Waigo's last gast equaliser to draw with Norwich in the JPT.


Incorrect. The best rescue operation of the season was being bought by Mr Liebherr. :-) It was pretty last gasp stuff too...

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