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Another "How should you vote?" test


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British National Party: 53%

UK Independence Party: 45%

Liberal Democrats: 43%

Labour Party: 43%

Conservative Party: 43%

Green Party: 22%


No real surprises with the BNP and UKIP being the parties most in touch with my views and the trampy Greens being the least in touch, but surprising to see the Socialists and the wishy washy Liberals so highly placed.

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There is an option to answer 5 more questions to give a more detailed result and it came up with:


British National Party: 58%

UK Independence Party: 52%

Labour Party: 50%

Conservative Party: 47%

Liberal Democrats: 41%

Green Party: 37%

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Despite my left-leaning inclination, I got 55% for both Labour and the Tories which probably highlights the lack of a real difference between them.


What surprised me was 54% for UKIP who I think are a bunch of xenophobes and 52% for the BNP and I'd never vote for those racist Nazis.

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Lib Dems: 61%

Labour: 55%

Conservative: 52%

Greens: 48%

BNP: 48%

UKIP: 45%


I think the relatively high stats for BNP and UKIP were down to me saying that the Iraq war was illegal and that immigrants and asylum seekers should have ID cards. Other than that i'd say it's pretty accurate, as I do agree with a lot of Tory and Labour policies, but none of their politicians make me want to vote for them apart from Brown, who I feel hasn't done such a bad job considering the circumstances in which he was appointed and the situation he was left with (even though he caused it).

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Standard...Although worrying that the BNP are at number 4, but I guess that is due to them being a National 'Socialist' party.


Green Party: 74%

Liberal Democrats: 65%

Labour Party: 54%

British National Party: 45%

Conservative Party: 41%

UK Independence Party: 39%


Happy to see the Greens at the top as I'll be voting for them in the local elections here...

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Labour 69%

Green 68%

LibDems 54%

Tory 25%


I didn't ask for any others because, as the poll says, 'don't select any party you wouldn't consider voting for'.


So you would consider voting Conservative.

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