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Did the Liberals peak too early?


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The latest sample of polls shows exactly what I predicted with the Tory vote recovering well from the first debate set back. We're still in hung parliament territory if you go with the 5-6 point Tory lead and extrapolate these figures accross all constituencies, but as we all know the marginals will be the key constituencies and the dilution of the Labour vote will be greater than any Tory dilution. Just look to the press and the Guardian/Mirror are not backing their party, but following the Brown/Mandelson line of sucking up to the Liberals - this will prove costly, on the other hand the tory press (including The Sun - read by the riff raff) are staunchly backing their man. It's going to be close but the campaign to discredit and highlight the loony policies of Nick Clegg is now full steam ahead and the gap between the Tories and the Lib-Lab alliance will widen between now and polling day.



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Nope I do not think the opinion polls are ever that near the mark. I think the people that were registering to vote at the 11th hour were young Lib Dems.


I still think it will be a hung parliament but the Lib Dems will get in around 6 months after this when another election is called because they will not be able to work together.

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