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After the terrible news I have had this week ItK s are immaterial.

Sadly I am now on a very short time sCcale, i have been diagnosed with Brain cancer and bone cance. I go into Chemo and radiotherapy to prolong life alittle longer, however until the end I shall still support the only team for me.

I hope to have a chat with Ted Bates and others when I get to the final destination, if I am lucky enough to end up where he is. My contributions of late have been few and willget fewer. have a good season and up the saints


I was thinking about him the other day and he's not posted/logged in for quite a while now. Does anyone that knows him have any news?

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Guest Dark Sotonic Mills

He had a letter published in the Cyprus Mail on 12th April this year, after he had been on holiday there.

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NC posted this a while back.....


Snowballs2 was a retired accountant who did live locally and then moved north to be with / near his daughter in the Chester area. Unfortunately, he developed a brain tumour and that could be witnessed as the quality and length of his posts diminished. I think it's fair to say we had a healthy disregard for eachother apart from one person involved in Saints recent past and we struck up a friendship via pms for a while prior to his illness as a result.


Funny enough he had a link with Um Pahars as UP's dad was one of his old number crunchers if I remember correctly.

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