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I believe i may have just flashed me neighbour, she came knocking on the door cos my parcel was accidently delivered to her house. I answered but only had a dressing gown on with nothin under.


The current climate seems to be particularly windy, this blew my dressing gown up as i stood at the door and i believe she may have seen my helmet.


Grabbed my parcel off her, said thanks and closed the door.


What now? Do i ignore the fact it happened? Never talk to the old un again?


I feel a tad embarrased now.:smt053

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Mate of mine once took several photos of his nob with the camera of a bird we were out with...


Being drunk he thought it was funny at the time...not so much now...


As we refer to him as Wizbit...


Whenever my mate and I go to Weddings, we take all the free disposable cameras that are usually there and take photos of our nobs.

It's hilarious I tell thee.

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Well eventually you're going to put clothes on after you take the dressing gown off, right? So therefore, your theory is incorrect.


Also, they are ghey. Just like cardigans.


I own a cardigan and a dressing gown.


Theory being if you have to cover up quickly then its easier to put it on and get dressed later..............


Also i like to put wimminz in my dressing gown after they shower, but always remove the cord so i can see there bits

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Getting serious now, in answer to your question, I think you should broach the subject by offering to make her a nice candle lit dinner to apologise for the 'exposure'. You should make sweet love to her and all will be forgiven.


However, if she is as old as you say, her eyesight is probably f::cked so she wouldnt of seen anything.

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