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From the sound of it Cork had a good game at RB, Schneiderlin played well in the middle. Does Adkins now try Cork at Rb and leave Schneiderlin in the middle with Hammond, Plus Chaplow is coming back now!


I thought that Richardson was poor against West Brom in Pre season, But he has proved me wrong so far by playing well so far, By the sounds of it today he had a bad 45 minutes though.


I think we should go with Cork at Rb with De Ridder at Rm for the next game against Swindon to see if it works then we can play Hammond and Schneiderlin in the centre.


Tough decisions for Adkins, but good ones.

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No. Cork is more useful in midfield. I'd still rather have Butterfield at right back. I haven't seen Richardson this season but he didn't fill me with confidence last season.


Next game is the Carling Cup, so all change anyway.

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Sorry but i dont think we can waste Jack Cork at right back,plus we have Butterfield to cover that position.


I agree with this. Cork has taken our midfield to a new level, and dictates how we play. We'd be weaker long-term without him influencing things.


It's nice to have that versatility in the team though.

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