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I think probably this article is nearest to truth. We know cortèse could be hard work at times. If hope the club are more fan friendly and ex player friendly now. We haven't been selling anywhere near enough boxes recently either.

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This has probably been posted in the middle of a previous thread , but is the first article I've read from others, rather than the NC PR machine (Ashton Daily Mail or Ben Smith BBC) or Saints fans:




Without a doubt, this is the most reassuring article posted on events yet..

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This seems to be probably the fairest and most unbiased article I've read so far. Only in the coming weeks and months we'll see what the plans for SFC are.


In my opinion I hope one of two outcomes happen, and at present it's hard to know which one would be better.


1) Kathrina keeps hold of us and and appoints a new CEO and things continue as they currently are. Poch buys into the future as he has done before and we continue on a steady path while doing what we have done best. The same infrastruture is continually expanded and not a lot changes on the face of it. Possibly the club might be more open and friendly to certain divisions that it is previously alienated.


2) We are sold to a group fronted by Cortese and again we continue as we currently have been.


I, personally, do not wish to have billions pumped into the club like City and Chelsea. While it has worked for them it has gone wrong at so many other clubs. I think careful management and investment is the way forward, and it has treated us so well up until now. The investment in the youth is the centre of what we are trying to achieve and something teams like Chelsea seem to forget about.

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