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Help! Trying to build a pc but it's beaten me so far!

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Hi all. I'm trying to build a PC but so far I am losing my battle. To my knowledge, I have done everything right and all is connected and wired correctly, however, I still can't get it to work. 1939290b8b2df7f0122d6dffb17bb57c.jpg


Is there anyone who is more computer savvy than myself who can see or think of anything I may have overlooked or done incorrectly?


Any help would be massively appreciated

Thanks in advance [emoji120]

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Have you tried both the VGA and the HDMI port for video ?


This - you should get something displayed unless the MoBo is completely u/s. What MoBo do you have ? Does the system show any other signs of life, eg does the LED on the optical drive flash as it is polled by POST, does the HDD spin up ?

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