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  1. The way I see VAR is that for years and years and years we moaned about getting decision correct. As Saints fans we all personally bemoaned the big 6's grasp on the majority of decisions. We have a system now that provides us with that, but we are moaning about that now ? The offside stuff needs to be worked on but ultimately its getting decisions correct I think, more so than a linesman with the naked eye. IMO it needs to continue, but does need tweaking. There needs to be better communication between the team and the fan, and I do think they miss a trick by not letting the ref verify it on the screen, at worst it adds a bit of legitimacy to the calls. Perhaps we need to just see all calls checked on the monitor, no minute checking by an offside super computer, but a verification by the on field referee that can see a couple of angles and lasting all of 1 or 2 minutes ?
  2. Apologies....for some reason it kept my tags from earlier... so yeah... ignore the Sims bit
  3. I think both fullbacks are the priority for us in January, if truth be told, or at least a RB that can cover both.... I suppose Cedric can do that but he always looks even more disastrous on the left as he does on the right (ignoring his recent form to be fair to him) I would suggest though, despite the upturn in form we do need a new CB, one of our main reasons for success, certainly on the road is Ralphs tactical consistency, this allows us to play and press against teams that are more open against us, and it works. It is also why we do not play so well at home, often struggling against teams that play direct towards any area of our backline and bypassing the press. In order to make this work we probably need either a CB OR mobile DM that is effective in the air, and so can be deployed against these sorts of teams allowing us to continue with Ralphs preferred tactics.
  4. Exactly in agreement with Dusic and Lighthouse here, unfortunately if we wasn't blessed with pace and didn't come out of the academy I would imagine the intrigue around him would be much less, he has always been one of those players that gets better when he doesn't play Despite the Spurs game, of which i think it was more of a case that their poor fullbacks weren't ready to be closed down at pace, he hasn't really shown any improvement over the years He is quick and he works hard, but technically he is lacking. The fact that its only Championship clubs interested sort of backs my point really We have better options in the squad now
  5. He's literally had a number of chances, and never delivered
  6. The signing of Danso has definitely upped it from a 5 to a 7 out of ten. We are beginning to make the squad leaner too which will only be of a massive benefit in the long run. Further outgoings in Moi, Lemina and perhaps one or two others would see us be further streamlined and much more ready come January or next year. The return of what looks like a reinvigorated Boufal is certainly exciting. Adams looks good, ings looks lean and hungry, Ralph has seemingly installed a new steel into JWP that wasn’t noticeable before Compared to previous years I’m really excited for this season
  7. Its not really at the expense of our club though is it, and being a stepping stone, for a club with our budget and size relative to the rest of the premiership is probably an excellent tactic that has arguably proved to our advantage over the years I agree we need to get stronger, and make sure we only deal with clubs on our terms especially with players that are attempting to hold us to ransom, hopefully we seem like we are doing that with Lemina and Austin. Ultimately we will never be able to sign players like VVD if we were too bullish. And I would suggest, if it wasn't for poor recruitment in both the management and player markets we should have performed much better over the last 2-4 years with not only players of VVD's quality and then the incoming funds to replace what we have.
  8. Why wouldn't you ? Use to tell the lads to **** off out of the office if they had a cold, why risk making the rest of the office ill just to let them stay there doing a half assed job
  9. People that do not know how to use lanes properly on the motorway People that don't say thanks when you open doors for them, move out of their way etc People with ****e bar etiquette People that don't get out of the way when people are driving faster behind them, generally seems more prevalent when speed restrictions are in place.
  10. How does someone with such a basic grasp of footballing tactics manage to fraud your way into an FM ‘scouting’ position ?
  11. Officially you cannot sign anyone before 1st of July anyway, and I would imagine most players that have ‘signed’ elsewhere would have had something negotiated to ensure they recieve their loyalty bonuses. I’m not panicking yet, its pretty obvious to me that we have far too much deadwood floating around that we need to remove before we can have a concrete view of what our finances will allow I’m hoping a week or so into July should see some decent movement
  12. Agreed Certainly he isn’t worth 20m in my opinion, unfortunately cannot stay off of the physio’s table and when he does he just doesn’t seem like he suits the system
  13. Surely the Ings fee was negotiated and prepared for last year, considering that it was reported as compulsory. It seemed as if it was a case of a ‘loan’ to beat the clock But if we are saying we’ve spent 34m ‘this year’ I would suggest our scouting department is no better than its been for the past few years, 20m for Ings is daylight robbery and from what Ive seen, read of Djenepo I can’t see him being a regular starter. Maybe it’s an FFP issue, (which could only be wage based due to our transfer incomings and TV rights over the last 3 years) in which case there is a reset at the start of July, so all being rosy in your world we’ll be fine ? Alternatively we could have been taken on by a chinese chancer more concerned with milking what is left after Katerina had her share and doing the minimum to keep us in the prem ?
  14. Sims has had plenty of chances, he isn’t good enough
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