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Song for Ryan??


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Oh yeah, we'll tell you something

That you will understand

Oh yeah we really love him

We love Ryan Bertrand

We love Ryan Bertraaaaaand

We love Ryan Bertrand


So please, pass to Ryan

And he will beat his man

He'll never, lose a tackle

We love Ryan Bertrand

We love Ryan Bertraaaaaaand

We love Ryan Bertrand


And when he scores a goal we feel happy inside

It's just a feeling that we can't ever hide

We can't hide

We can't hide


We love Ryan Bertraaaand

We love Ryan Bertrand.

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I think his name would work well in the Marc Muniesa song that Stoke sing


Ryan Bertrand

Ryyyan Bertrand

Oh Ryan Bertrand

Oh Ryan Bertrand, plays for Southampton, with (Clasie?) and (Tadic?)

do do do do


Oriol Romeu works better IMO

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He'll take us to the Champions League, Ryan, Bertrand

He's better than Bridge and he's still young, Ryan, Bertrand

He bombs down the wing, He does it for fun, He wears the shirt of 21

Ryan Bertrand England's number 3


Lala lala lala lala lala lala x3


Ryan Bertrand Englands number 3

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