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Why would anyone want to wish him luck. I hope he fails spectacularly . They're our rival why why would you want them to succeed it makes no sense.And I do t want mid table security I want to carry on progressing, keep challenging for Europe who knows maybe even win something.

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"I would personally want someone like Moyes. He would provide us with mid table stability for a few seasons, something that we have needed for a while, and I would not be too bothered with that because, as fans we have had improvement over the last few seasons. He has also much more Premier League experience than the other current favourites so he knows how to get that top 10 finish."


Strange comments here. We have needed mid table stability for a while? Even though we've finished 8th, 7th and 6th? That either is midtable stability, or it's better than midtable, so you're saying that we need to go backwards?


Also, you've pointed to Moyes' experience as a reason he can get a top 10 finish. While that isn't a ridiculous theory, our last two managers haven't had any Premier League experience and have achieved top 8. Of the five candidates you have listed, Moyes would be my fifth choice. In fact he'd be a fair bit lower than fifth if we factored others in. Sure, I'd prefer him to Ryan Giggs or Neil Lennon, but I would be largely underwhelmed by his appointment.

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