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  1. It’s not always easy to tell if someone is making a joke on here, apologies I thought you were being serious at first 😆
  2. In which case, time to start playing Obafemi and get rid of the other two.
  3. Someone with photoshop skills could edit out Dunk, add wings and a halo to Vestergaard and it would all look rather deferential.
  4. Didn't they say they planned to do it to the end of the (calendar) year and then stop? If that's the case, surely people who don't like it could just deal with it for a few weeks... I'm sure there are plenty of other things that happen that people just put up with*. Let those who feel it's important take part, those who don't can just let it wash over them. It's like wearing a poppy in November - no-one should have to wear one, they shouldn't be chastised for it. But equally, if people do want to wear one, then good for them! * I'm not generally for the idea of turning a blind eye to
  5. I know that Bearsy posts lots of sarcastic posts - I wasn't quite sure what side he was coming down on but realised it was a joke. Nevertheless I felt I should add quite an important aspect to the story!
  6. Ha, fair point - I was getting ever more full of frustration as I typed! And after I did wonder if I was guilty of 'lumping' myself. However, the 'vile' accusation was specifically reserved for those booing, because of course there are plenty of Millwall fans who didn't and were equally appalled by it. But this about the ones that did, and they are Millwall fans, and Millwall fans (again, not all of them, but 'in general') have a history of racist behaviour. In other words, there are sections of racists amongst Millwall fans, and I have little doubt that many of them were booing. To be honest
  7. You don't have to kneel, you don't have to put your arm in the air to show support. You can just go through the motions or ignore it. In the same way that if you might not agree with having a minute's silence for some random person, or you might not care for the national anthem... you can just stand there (or sit down) knowing that you don't agree with it. To actively boo something is showing disrespect to the people who are trying to show respect - i.e. the players. People are so fucking desperate to justify the actions of fucking MILLWALL fans, you know, the ones who have a massive his
  8. Yeah, ridiculous. Even his dad not actually being dead shouldn't detract from this totally legitimate reason for the tattoo.
  9. It's lucky we can rely on Millwall fans to have their eyes open and not fall for this leftie propaganda. They've always been such a stand up bunch too, can't possibly be any other explanation other than 'wanting to keep politics out of football'. Presumably they will also be kicking off when the players run out with poppies on their shirts. It's just a coincidence, nothing more, that those with a history of being a bit racist are now the enlightened ones, and we are so lucky that these evil Marxists (footballers) who want to spread their evil message (reminding people that black people st
  10. Me neither, a pretty shocking read to be honest! Probably the greatest player the world has ever seen. A bit before my time to properly judge but you only have to look at clips of him playing and realise that he could do things no-one else could (eg what Lineker talks about in that video). Maybe not the greatest 'professional footballer' in the sense that many of his years were blighted by issues and if he had coupled his talent with more professionalism and commitment he would have done more, but even despite that he is revered for clubs (Boca/Napoli) and country for what he did achieve.
  11. It does require people to show an element of acceptance. I think 30 seconds would work. Obviously there is always going to be some point where there will be displeasure, but I think most would say that was worth coping with if a) it prevented the terrible decisions and b) didn't come at the expense of the flow of the game. Although offside is close to being black and white, it's not quite - not like the ball crossing the line is - because as with Bamford's case, for e.g. at what point on the arm do you measure? Is it the armpit? If so, what point on the armpit? Offside is black and white if yo
  12. Or... make the most of it while it lasts, you can never take anything for granted with Saints!
  13. He will always be synonymous with Steven Davis! I found it really annoying, but I think that was initially a reaction to Davis being everyone's "unsung hero" and "massively underrated" award, and when you are against the tide, you end up arguing more vociferously than otherwise. Most of the time Verlaine's posts are well reasoned, and his comments above are no different. Pointing out a player's weakness, or critiquing someone's blind faith is not the same as slagging a player off. Adams is obviously playing well now, but I don't think it's unreasonable to say he's an automatic starte
  14. I actually didn't remember that, that's why I asked! All I recall about Delgado was he was Ecuadoran striker who came from the Mexican league along with his mate Kleber Chala, so wasn't sure what comparison he was trying to make! Thanks for clearing that up - my memory is usually pretty good but that transfer was nearly 20 (!) years ago...
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