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Inter Milan - Away Programme (San Siro) - Counterfeit?

St Louis

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Random question.... but did any of my fellow Saints happen to buy an official matchday programme whilst at the San Siro?

I bought one on eBay (for £13.95 inc P&P) and its turned up looking very fake! :( Its only got 8 flimsy pages and is really bad print quality (feels shiny, but a poor print and not all aligned).

The (Dutch) guy I have bought it off is adamant its legit and that he bought it at the stadium, but i'm not convinced. I have raised it as an issue with eBay, but he is asking for me to send proof in a picture that his isnt real, but showing him what it should look like.

So I wondered if anyone would be so kind as to confirm if there's is similar or even upload a pic on here of there San Siro programme?

Thanks so much in advance!

This is a link to the cover that ive been sent: http://thumbs.ebaystatic.com/images/g/jjwAAOSwpLNYBIHJ/s-l225.jpg

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Is not having a match day programme common in Italy? Or is this just a case of Inter Milan not being arsed to produce one because it's 'only the Europa league' ?


Was disappointed not to be able purchase a match day 'souvenier' at the San Siro.


I got a much hated 'Inter Official' half and half scarf for the wall ( could never wear it !!)

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