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Crackdown on footballers with un-Islamic hair

Nordic Saint

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It would be quite funny if they tried to enforce Islamic restrictions on footballers at the Qatar World Cup. Un-Islamic hair styles might cull a few of them but tattoos are frowned upon so that would get rid of just about all of the rest of them.These moral codes are subject to constant revision, however, and do vary from one country to another. At one time, it was forbidden for even male footballers to expose any part of their legs.




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While we do see some horrific haircuts these days and some players need a slap, how does FIFA feel about referees using their powers to impose religious codes?

I'm not sure that the beautiful game should be used as a tool to enforce anything of that sort.

It is a sport for all ages and genders, it brings people together and sells us Coke and McDonalds, it's not for promoting religions.

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