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Hard wiring Ethernet Cable

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Cheers chaps,

I have a BT extender but it just fades in and out, I got a new Hub 6 with the infinity and all the advert cobblers about it going through walls!! The Hub is upstairs but 6meters from it on the far side of my bed getting attached to it is sporadic, yet going over the road then 2 houses down I can stream on that neighbours doorstep!! Yet the extender is plugged in the living room 11 feet below the hub and it struggles to pick up internet.

Wish I had a Chrystal ball 6 years ago when the house was gutted and rewired if I had been up with this stuff I might have had the for fore thought to Hardware Ethernet sockets everywhere.

I will give these a go as the reviews look spot on

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Which one to go for? There seem to be a few at Maplin

If you just want a wired LAN with no frills the starter kits are fine. We have used them for networked gaming between computers in different rooms of the house.

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Thanks again chaps for your help, went for one with bells and whistles, punches out a bit of wi-fi too, have a new room out the back with boys toys 55" TV, Sky Q behaves (touch wood), watching Amazon etc was becoming a chore, TV acted the goat but the Ethernet cable into the DVD player works wonders. Stumbled across the Le Mans series delivered in 4K HD. Wow! It was like the night Colour TV arrived in our house when I was a nipper.

Once again thanks for your help, Merry Christmas.

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