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As a bit of a diversion we were discussing the 'characters' we have known in Saints colours from days gone by and this was my selection of those who most teams would not be too happy to be playing against and, if available to play in today's game would probably all be carded in the first game

1. (mad) Budgie Burridge
2. Ulrich Van Gobbel
3. Dennis Hollywood (Mark Dennis)
4. Jimmy Gabriel (Brian O'Neill)
5. John McGrath
6, Docker Walker (Neil Ruddock)
7. Terry Paine
8. George O'Brien
9. George Kirby (The Guvnor!!!)
10. Osvaldo
11. Benali

Any thoughts?

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Interesting choice of Burridge in goal.

For me though it has to be Eric Martin in goal as part of the original alehouse. He perfected the art of coming out off his line to collect a high ball with his studs showing at face height for any oncoming forward.

think he’d see a few red cards for that nowadays. 

Jim Steele and Ivan Golac are contenders for this team as well. 

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