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  1. "some nurses" might disagree with you...
  2. Simple solution, in line with what is happening, is simply to pick up the season again in January, just continue where we left off. It'll be at least that long before football crowds are tolerable anyway.
  3. ashnats


    It's because kids are disgusting germ ridden filth. Even with hardened immunity to a lot of their disease, it's natural that when something new comes, teachers get it.
  4. They could play in red and white hazmat suits...
  5. Don't forget the Chagos Islands...
  6. Depends on your definition of white. Lisa Nandy's dad is Indian, and she is not white enough for the racists(bnp) , who 'accuse' her of being Muslim for some bizarre reason. (she's an atheist).
  7. Spurs form, just games following losses, this season: DDLDWWW
  8. No comment really, but thought there should be a thread. Maybe it should be made a sticky? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-50839639
  9. Better for labour if he stays until WA is passed, so the new leader can come in and disassociate themselves from their (failed) brexit stance.
  10. Happened on the Euro too, might be US related news, not UK biased.
  11. Johnson has the advantage that he doesn't have to pretend to be honourable or of good morals, since we all know he is a bit of a ****. So he can just repeat his slogans and ignore whether they are true or not. Corbyn set himself up as morally superior so has to represent himself as honourable, leaving him open to attack. So bj may as well do it.
  12. In other news today: Johnson LIED about the SNP stated position on the Euro Gove accused of cultural appropriation during apparently coked up tweet Javid admits the NI threshold promise in the tory manifesto will not be honoured And the tory Party is accused of islamophobia by the British Muslim Council.
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