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  1. Not sure what you mean? I was commenting that there is rhetoric on both sides that encourages OTHER people to extreme views, not myself. My own views are pretty central, like most ordinary people. So 10 years ago, when the left was more central, I identified with them. More recently the right is closer to the middle ground, and so I identify more with them, but in the grand scheme, I’m pretty centrist...
  2. Exactly. And anyway who is to say it is not the pelosi Hilary waters rhetoric that is not escalating things?
  3. Missed out the word “income”, so shoot me (eye roll)
  4. Lowered taxes, whilst at the same time, collecting considerably more in taxes than in recent times? That’s pretty neat. Pulling back from some of those one sided deals eg Iran? Advancing the Korean situation more than anyone could have hoped for? Enabled masses of new jobs? Brought industry back to the forefront? Recognised Jerusalem as the capital- something Obama reneged on? Withdrew from the Paris agreement, analogous to bush/Kyoto? raised 12bn usd extra from nato allies with his tough stance, something Obama tried but failed to do, tough stance on Russia, reshaped Supreme Court? decimated
  5. By international disaster, I think you mean a globalists nightmare. There’s a difference. Trump is championing diversity and individual strength, and a competitive market. He appeals to the centre and right, whilst unfortunately the Democratic Party is swerving so far left that I think the average centrist voter is being driven away. I’m very curious as to who will come after trump though, he has had such a big impact, it’s going to be a game changing moment in 2024 regardless...
  6. Enforcing a law that the democrats pushed for, and coming up against resistance to changing it. Know your enemy...
  7. No one has been able to point to anything bad he has done beyond rhetoric then, it’s hardly the global disaster you would expect from the descriptions on here. He’s doing fine, upholds traditional values, and he is being pretty successful. I think if Hilary were in charge we’d be much worse off.
  8. What’s trump done that’s so bad? Apart from the rhetoric I mean, what has he actually done that is bad? Seems to me he is doing pretty well?
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