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  1. It appears that Levy insists on a significant lower transfer fee as PEH refused to join any club other than Spur. Is it legal for PEH to get a secret profit in term of percentage from Levy on any difference between transfer fee agreed by Spur and £25 agreed by Everton?
  2. how about £18m plus Walcott?
  3. HKsaint

    Obafemi or Adams?

    Should be judged by their recent performance to be fair. As Obafemi has scored the equalizer today, he should be selected for the next match. If Obafemi performes poorly next match like Adam today, he should then return to the bench.
  4. He should be responsible for the two goals conceded today
  5. His two back passes resulted in two goals and one red card to Stephens. Good work rate! If these are not intentional, I am very happy he goes.
  6. Hojberg’s two back passes kill us! Great job before leaving!
  7. Djenepo costed us 2 points and Varley costed us 1 point.
  8. He is hopeless, can't shoot and can't pass
  9. Can't stop laughing https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/51708805
  10. Think Armstrong gave away the ball too easily
  11. That is why Liverpool are unbeaten
  12. We have better chances but poorer shootings
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