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  1. They look more likely to score than us
  2. We should have bought Edouard, instead of AA.
  3. Tella should have passed it to Armstrong
  4. He is like a new signing.
  5. Starting from Peter Walker lost the possession unnecessarily. He should have passed to Adams.
  6. Is Moussa a defender of the other side?
  7. If they had a decent PL goalkeeper, at least half of our goals would have been saved.
  8. How to compare him with Redmond or Tella in terms of their performance tonight?
  9. Just run with the ball into the back of the net
  10. And it appears that his presence is also an important factor for the Chelsea youngsters joining this club, instead of another.
  11. Wish that Ings relegate with Villa to fulfill his ambition
  12. HKsaint

    Adam Armstrong

    We all know we are just their stepping stone.
  13. HKsaint

    Adam Armstrong

    Why only 4-year deal, which in effect only 3 years as we do not let the contract to run into the final year? So after 2 and a half year, we will repeat Ings saga? It is a mistake to spend so much money to sign a player for just 4 years (3 years for Ings only) knowing that we will struggle to renew their contracts before the final year.
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