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  1. Both had two clear chances. Our shots from Betrand and Adams were saved by Schmeichel. Foxes' shot from Barnes was brilliantly saved by McCarthy but Maddison's powerful shot from close-range could not be saved. While McCarthy or Stephen should not be blamed, the absence of Ings made the difference.
  2. Walcott is faster than his mind I think
  3. If Walcott could give better passes to Armstrong
  4. I think you are wrong. He only waited for Liverpool, but they lost to us.
  5. Mane is more muscular than he was in Southampton, and so he is a bit slower than before. Forster is able to land faster than he was.
  6. Walcott is poor and has wasted a few chances
  7. I hope Adam will be taught how to head a ball
  8. I think Bertrand is responsible for the goal conceded in the game lost to Manchester City.
  9. Stoke keepers can either score or assist
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