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  1. Scully

    Adam Armstrong

    Watching MOTD it didn't look like his best game but showed him working hard
  2. Yes it's akin to throwing water on an oil fire in an earnest attempt to put it out. It's creating this huge division, a polarised 'you're with us or against us' mentality which doesn't apply to most ordinary people. Most people hate being told how they should think and how they should feel by someone else. I just don't see how it helps the cause even with best intentions.
  3. Maybe the current idea is to cling on to life in the premier league until the academy produces another wonderkid for sale?
  4. Don't want to lose Ralph unless the club can find an improvement, which seems unlikely as good managers are in very high demand at present
  5. Carrillo and Elynouissi have got to be our two worst signings?
  6. This has been so so easy for Leicester, our attack is blunt
  7. Djenepo clearance was so dreadful there. Don't know what he was trying to do
  8. Redmond doubters showing their intimate knowledge of the game
  9. Think its safe to say Ralph is getting found out. I kinda hoped he was operating on a level beyond my apelike comprehension but now I'm not so sure it wasn't just ings carrying us this entire time
  10. Quite a dive from maupay there
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