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  1. If someone scores from a direct freekick today..
  2. He shouldn't have been allowed to walk off, and round half the pitch, if he did
  3. He did play well. And we still don't know how good Lyanco is..
  4. Was close for me between him and Salisu. So good though to see him back. He has such a calm assurance about his play, and he's a hard, fearless bastard. There was moment in the final 10 when he passed it out to (I think) Redders on the wing who was headed for defenders, so probably trouble. Rom moved right out to the touchline to give Redmond a way out (which he needed!), and then threaded the ball through the defenders in front of Redmond, then ran at the area to give Redmond the option to pass back to him again (which he needed!). He thinks ahead and seems to have a really impress
  5. And the first time they've only had one shot on target for four and a half years
  6. I don't get how Walker can legitimately get in that position without touching the ball, which I'm pretty sure he never did.
  7. Chris Bevan Manchester City 0-0 Southampton: Shot-shy Man City fortunate to draw with Saints - BBC Sport
  8. On the Walker penalty/red card, just seen this on the Beeb write up "Armstrong had burst into the box after City had again given the ball away cheaply but, despite being first to the ball he was adjudged to have fouled Walker as the City defender attempted a challenge." So Armstrong fouled Walker?!?! I'm going to have to watch this again..
  9. If I were a City fan it'd be - well played Saints, but what a Shot Shy Shit Show from the billionaires
  10. I get the feeling Jack's injury may have helped us. As impressive as he's been this season, I'm not sure he would have been as good today as Salisu was.
  11. How many of our team, or premier league players generally, do you think know their own (and teammates'!) FM stats?
  12. Could do the same sort of buy back deal as with Livramento though?
  13. Seems a little strange to me that Leicester have bought two of the defenders they put nine goals past
  14. Can't begrudge him a move where he's going to get quite a bit better paid. This could well be his last lucrative move, and I'd guess he's more likely to qualify for the CL this season with Villa than he is with us. He's been an excellent servant for us, and has cost us around net zero, including wages. If he has a great season, knocks in thirty goals and Villa finish top 4, then he was obviously wise to make the move. If he gets a bad injury, or just has a crap/average season, then we've done a great bit of business. I'm most concerned about how we reinvest.. I have a silly dream t
  15. That is daft. I think a team with JWP taking them from the left and Dybala from the right would score about 25% of its FKs!
  16. Only Dybala has a better conversion rate than JWP on that list
  17. Theo's been offered a 2 year contract. Reward for his lucky deflected goal?
  18. It's Waitrose - there's a better class of customer; they probably chatted in French
  19. He is indeed. But I'm not sure that has to count against his potential for us; we often see younger players who briefly burn brighter and then fade quickly to obscurity.
  20. Who was our last as exciting as Tella youth prospect breaking in to the first team? They have to have touched the ball in the Premier League, so Jankewitz doesn't count!
  21. About 1:45 in Ralph says of Tella "When I see him, uh, performing like does in a moment, that gives me, yah, a big er . . . . . . . . . . . uh I enjoy it really to watch it yeah" I'm sure he wanted to say 'hard on' Southampton 3-1 Fulham: Ralph Hasenhuttl praises 'biggest talent' Nathan Tella - BBC Sport
  22. I think it's tough to gauge McCarthy's performance tonight. He can't be blamed for the goal, and had almost nothing else to do. But he knows he'll get dropped anyway.
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