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  1. https://team-picker.files.bbci.co.uk/southampton-starting-xi-10fa21c535cc70a078f79f84dde2d363.html
  2. Nice guy But Lost 9-0 twice and cried when we beat Liverpool 1-0
  3. Oh god...we have become bloody useless....I feel sorry for Armstrong...hardly touched the ball....
  4. Love It! Hears Johnny!!!!!Love It! Hears Johnny!!!!!
  5. Terrible decision taking on walcott. He has not added anything. Shows that we are not looking to the future at all. Bang average player.
  6. And a bit of the cult to finish...class
  7. Redmond is excellent at passing backwards....bet now! 2/1 pass back 3/1 pass sideways 50/1 pass forward Bet now!
  8. He shot He missed He must be Absolutely pissed Over there Over there
  9. Fed up with modern football now. Sending off for getting the ball. Stopping so someone can have a drink and a piece of fruit. I have to go to work on a sunday.... Religious bull**** Jumpers for goalposts Sliding tackles Pissed players Oh the days of the 1970s.... Muddy pitches....
  10. This day in 1976 May 1st at 3pm was and still is my best day of Saints football. Summer of 1976 and we won the bloody thing! To quote Mickey Channon. My hero.
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